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Good Luck or Bad Luck Label the Events Opportunities Possibility Events Vision of the Sky Message

Good Luck or Bad Luck Label the Events Opportunities Possibility Events Vision of the Sky Message
My dear, sweetest children, the Father waits for you, to send all of you my words, and while I wait I notice that all of you either accept or reject opportunities by labeling them either as good or bad luck. You always refer to them as good or bad luck, as if these events are sent to you in a way, to reward you or to punish you.
I notice that inside you always label every manifestation, whether it is to guide you, or to understand its reason, almost all of you label events, attributing to this Sky the cause of this manifestation.
This is why today I would like to help you reflect on the contents of your minds, contents that are not linked to your vision of this Sky.
Why are certain events lucky? For countless people, luck is the resolution of a problem, it’s money arriving at the right time, the home that was finally found, the opportunity for a job that finally presented itself, the resolution of a conflict that creates hope, the end of a long search because you conquered what you were looking for.
Why do so many events make you open, curious, asking our Sky for help, and when you find it, you think it’s a direct intervention from the Sky?
At the same time, bad luck is to meet a problem, as if we in the Sky were on earth to direct and orchestrate your opportunities all the time, bringing bad luck to correct you or to scare you with our immense power. And your attitude becomes hostile toward our Sky that always seems to place problems in all of your lives.
My dear ones, the experience makes you label the intervention from the Sky and consequently this affects your openness or your rejection of hope for our help.
My dear ones, I repeat it one more time, that from Sky we only express Love, sweet Love is what is sent to you at all times, and neither good nor bad luck belong to this Sky, they are only opportunities to help you with your growth, they are guided in your lives, only, always growth opportunities. And all growth opportunities are designed to bring you happiness. Many opportunities to develop happiness in you, or joy, or serene joy within Love.
The recognition takes place in the heart, happiness for that occasion opens up opportunities to be, to always express yourselves, more and more inside yourselves. These are occasions that are guided by us, by my other sweet loved children, more than opportunities these are events.
Let’s make an example, a good-size inheritance is an event, not an occasion, it’s an event that you can turn into an occasion in your life for your realization, or transformation of your life into many problems of accumulation or re-evaluation of capital.
Let’s make another example, finding a home is an event, you can enjoy the home by focusing on the affection of people who live there, or you can turn it into a possibility to be envied, or placing all your energy to clean it every day down to the smallest little corner.
These are events, the outcome is determined by you.
Let’s make a final example, again on the house. Your tenant does not pay the rent, you need the rent money, you label this event as bad luck that descended upon you. If you think about it, you see that this is a present possibility linked to renting out your home, so why label an event that is a clear possibility as really bad luck?
Why do you think that this is a possibility from the Sky to make you think about it or to punish you? There is this possibility, events that may or my not take place, but they are all part of the condition “rent”. Of course, it’s a really important problem, but it’s an event that can manifest for many reasons, from the mistake made of not asking for more guarantees from the tenant, to the family’s financial situation at that time.
And I repeat myself, why label events as luck or bad luck? They are only events and, as opposed to us, all these events are determined by actions, by possibilities produced by all of you. The possibility for shelter is offered by a brother, the possibility for a job is offered by a brother, the possibility of a problem is offered by a brother.
Events, these are just events, the opportunity lies in using these problems to learn even through those conditions, and you are the ones who will transform events into opportunities.
May this message help you with all of my Love to place the word “events” in place of bad luck or good luck, and let our Sky help you turn every event into an opportunity for growth for you.
Events are possibilities and your intervention will use Love to transform the possibility created by the events into an opportunity for growth.
May the Father help you with this replacement of “an event”, this is only an event, my sweet Father come and help me take this even and turn it into a growth opportunity for me.
It would be really nice for me to listen to you say these words to me, I would sweetly place myself next to you and, guided by Love, we will create the opportunity together.
With infinite Love
Your Father to you, my always precious and loved creatures
Message transmitted 14th march 2007
Title Good Luck or Bad Luck Label the Events Opportunities Possibility Events Vision of the Sky Message
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