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Growth The Experience in the Various Forms of Expression of Your Being Love Path of Growth

Growth The Experience in the Various Forms of Expression of Your Being Love Path of Growth
My loved, immensely loved children, here I am once again today to help you. I am with you, and it’s wonderful for me to be with you to talk to you and to explain to you that the Sky always answers your questions by sending you support, and the experience that you wish for, providing that this experiment can help you with your growth.
For us, the growth of your Love is the fundamental part of the experience that you are living on earth.
I am surrounded by questions, I shall answer a few of them, but I will not answer some other ones, and this is what I want to explain to you today: why I answer some of them, but not others.
Always put in front of your eyes what for me is growth. The experience in the various forms of expression of your Being Love.
Growth, therefore, is expressed not in determined circumstances, but in every circumstance. You are all unaware of how you grow in so many, countless moments, even a very small, the briefest of meeting can be used to grow, and even your tiniest of difficulties very often represent an opportunity for growth.
You are not aware of yourselves in every tiniest of moments in which you are growing in your Love.
Having said all this, there are situations where I really put myself in your shoes and I can not help but noticing that in that situation, growth as envisaged here in the Sky is not possible.
For example, let’s say that a Soul has thought, designed the contact with many people as its growth theme, because to grow it’s necessary to contact many people, if that Soul planned to grow in “understanding”. Let’s say for example that over the course of time, this body has an illness that confined him to his bed all alone, people walk through the room, but the only contact they have is of the medical type. Now, how can that child develop “understanding”? He is only accumulating experience of medications, not “understanding”.
And my intervention, what I will do, will only be to help him take up again the growth path that he had programmed back then.
The specific answer to “Why?”, it’s to help him start again on his path of growth.
Why him and not others? The question arises in you, because, my dear ones, the same situation can also be a path for growth in donating and receiving Love. This is what that Soul is experimenting and this is what it needs to experiment.
I know, you all have illnesses, a great terror of them, and you never think that the illness is an enormous experience of growth. All of you were born more or less with an illness, think of those days, they were dedicated to thoughts in which rush was non-existent, materiality was only relative, social commitments were reduced, with yourselves, you spent time with yourselves; you conversed almost always with those who helped you and took care of you, and your affections were renewed when in contact with the illness and your renewed affection was transferred on that Soul or those Souls that took care of you.
And you experimented Love and you grew in Love. Then you healed, and what happened afterward expressed the growth you achieved.
People change much more often after suffering from an illness, as opposed to just changing, because an illness represents a contact with yourselves at all leves, and a contact with others through your affections.
Let’s make another example. A Soul projected the experience of being a parent of a child, to be the one that loves unconditionally like a father figure a creature that was trusted to his affection.
There are many problems that can come up, they can be problems of the body or the result of conflict in the couple or inside the single individuality. Even here my intervention allows that Soul to experiment what he had planned in the Sky to be his path of growth once he arrived on earth. I take care of the body, of the conflicts and of the many insecurities that you can feel and I am almost always able to crown the success of your growth path.
Success, but why only sometimes? Because at a psychological level you can be resistant to asking my help, or believing that your Father wants to help you, or believing that a certain problem, which for you has always been a problem, can be solved. This too is a moment of growth: letting yourselved be helped by a Father that is present in the hearts but not to the sight or hearing, or tact.
My sweet creatures, why am I explaining this? Because almost all of you accept only situations of serenity as leading to growth, but if I look at your time, you will notice with me, that the experiences in which you experiment are almost always difficult moments, this however does not mean that in order to experiment we send you moments of difficulty, it’s your life that creates them, only the consideration that you often face life as an opportunity to growth in the difficult moments, neglecting moments of growth I many and many moments fo serenity. And building, experimenting moments of growth, is also an opportunity to experiment better health in your bodies.
A sad Soul will likely fall ill more easily, will contract an illness as an opportunity for a meeting and exchange of affection, he will fulfill his path of growth anyway, but without the joy that often growing within serenity can produce.
And with this I answered a few questions that you asked me since we read the last message together.
Our effort is always for your growth and the miracles I do are always aimed at allowing your growth. Every intervention from me is always focused on your growth and even my non-intervention is also always focused on your growth. You are experimenting exactly in that condition, you grow by virtue of experimenting, and that situation will change.
With Love, always, every action from me is born from Love.
Your father
Message transmitted 11 March 2007
Title Growth The Experience in the Various Forms of Expression of Your Being Love Path of Growth
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