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The Truth of the Intervention of the Sky The False Beliefs over the Sky Projection of Your Concepts

The Truth of the Intervention of the Sky The False Beliefs over the Sky Projection of Your Concepts
My loved and sweet children, my help continues on to always make you more aware to yourselves, to your heart, to your Being Love, so that this experience you are having on earth will have great meaning for your growth, for your recognition of yourselves as a Spirit and of others as Spirit.
And here I am to talk to you as usual about Love.
From earth, you think that our eyes here in Sky look coldly to what is happening among you, in your collectivity, and to your life in your individuality.
Over time, when faced with problems, you notice that you could really benefit from a direct intervention from us, but you do not see it in the way you had thought, and this impression reinforces in you the idea of eyes looking benevolently but sometimes judgingly, looking without intervening. Many of you think that our decisions lean more toward punishing than helping you, and all of a sudden the Sky, in addition to judging you, becomes a group of creatures that judge and are cruel, sending experiences that bring you difficulties, and sometimes a lot of pain. For another child that pain is the result of previous lives, for another brother the pain describes the selfishness of a Father that yanks the child in order to enjoy him all for himself.
Where is the Love in all this? Our Sky is in fact the projection of your concepts, a projection of your fears, our Sky is a projection created by you.
However, today in this message I would like to explain to you the truth of our intervention for you, both at group level and on the individual creature. You need to concentrate and pay attention to what I am about to say because the projection needs concrete elements in order to be erased from your mind.
I will put all of my heart into it, and you put all of your attention.
Each one of you is my child and the beautiful Love that I experimented; on the exact moment I created you, I put Love inside you, you were born in front of my eyes and the beautiful emotion that I felt with all of my heart is the emotion that I have been feeling since then all the way through today, every time my gaze rests upon you and on the experience that you are living. This is exactly what I feel for each one of my children, a renewal of the sweet feeling of my Love every time I look at you.
The experience on earth, my sweet and dear children, ends in an instant and you return to your Father, either happy or sad, not for the challenges that you overcame during your life, but always for the Love that you managed to sweetly express in front of the countless events that took place over the course of your experience of incarnation.
Love, the only important thing is the Love you managed to express, this is what gives you happiness or sadness.
The intervention we send you is Love revolves around Love. In many situations there is conflict, in many others there is separation, in many situations Love is not able to express itself, in many situations a brother inflicts violence, in many situations violence causes loneliness and in these situations the help through the Love of our Sky sustains, consoles, supports and instills courage to express the sweet Love that governs your experience in these situations. And if it is true that we understand your feeling a need for a more specific intervention in the materiality, it’s true that for us what happens in the materiality is only an opportunity to experiment yourselves in your being Love inside that very situation.
My sweet children, this is our intervention, always helping you to express the sweet Love that you carry inside you. And the choices, my dear ones, every choice is yours and it’s influenced by the Love you feel inside.
A separate discussion talks about the conclusion of the experience of life in the incarnation of one of my creatures. I have assured you that any of my sweet children were never, ever, ever called to my in this Sky, every one of my children asked for it and I took him back if the experience on earth had achieved its meaning, the experimentation in his being Love and the situations that you believe come from my selfishness are untrue because every time you call me from earth to ask me to go back Home I answer: ‘sweet child, you have yet to learn, I know that your situation is complicated, but by learning to use your Love, even now, you will be able to bring about many changesand the changes will bring that sweet serenity that I will see you feeling through your heart, and I will give you my help, to express all of your Being even in that situation, my child, my loved child, don’t let yourself go, I am here with you’.
This is the truth and all of you know my message, because each one of you has asked many times to come back, and I said no.
Those creatures devastated from the suffering, in their moment of pain I help them leave their bodies so that they will not feel the intensity of the pain and in those moments I calm them down, I console them and I send a prayer to that heart in the suffering body ‘Do not fear my loved one, the moment is coming, but you, sweetest treasure, reap the experience from this, look at the Love that you feel inside those who love you, the time has ended for your experimentation if your sweet Soul will succeed at expressing in front of all people all of the light that you feel inside you and your heart gives me a sweet smile and from that heart emanates all of the Love that it is.
It is possible to do all this when our sweet Love enters into contact with your Love, you are aware of yourselves, if you listen to your heart you can hear us helping you, but the Love that we bring is for everybody, the sweet Love, immense Love that we feel is available to you every second of your lives in your incarnation, Love, only sweet wonderful Love is what we bring, in every context, in the most minute of moments, it’s only Love that we bring to all of you.
May this message be of help to you to understand the truth of the intervention of the Sky, we bring Love to make it possible for you to Be Love.
With this, my dear ones, delete first of all your false beliefs over the Sky, over what we can or can not do, over every other intervention that you call upon us to do in your place.
Love, only a wonderful sweetest Love is what comes to you from the Sky.
And with my great Love I hug you really tight.
Your Father is happy, happy to be of help to all of you to help you understand the truths from the Sky
Message transmitted 7th march 2007
Title The Truth of the Intervention of the Sky The False Beliefs over the Sky Projection of Your Concepts
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