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Lesson of Love from God the Father Every Help to one of your Brothers Becomes Help to many Brothers

Lesson of Love from God the Father Every Help to one of your Brothers Becomes Help to many Brothers
My sweet and loved children, the light of my Love is upon you.
You Father is speaking, I am sending light to make your heart open up to the truth to help you again, with my message, to regain the awareness you left behind when you incarnated.
The message today is called ‘Lesson of Love’ because I would like to tach you, or remind you, about the many aspects of this Sky.
Let’s start with Love.
When you are here with me, in this Paradise, the light I send is visible to your eyes. Over time you notice when I send light to you, you sweet Souls of the Sky, you notice when Love looks through the light to all my sweet Creatures that are over the planets, included earth. And the fact that I turn to the individual Souls almost always reaches the hearts of all brothers as a whole. When my love reaches that heart, the intensity involves everyone with similar problems. It’s the truth, by reaching that heart, I reach the countless other hearts that are busy on the same journey.
And when I go to that heart, I am speaking to a multitude of hearts.
This is because Love, and therefore my help, can not be of help to just one person but for everyone who is growing.
Often you think of your problems as unique, you live them, you experiment them, but many of you are experiencing them over there, you are all experimenting them simultaneously. There is never a unique problem, the problems are always in many hearts.
And when my help reaches a heart, it always involves the hearts of many.
If you learn this lesson, you will see the effect of Love on everyone and once you learn about Love you will also be able to understand that every thing that you do for that heart will involve many, countless hearts.
You have already learned that every gesture of Love spreads Love beyond the individual Soul you had sent it, the next time may you be more aware that every help to one of your brothers becomes help to many brothers.
Another lesson of Love. When you look at a brother as an expression of Spirit, you communicate recognition of the Spirit that is inside you and in the other. In this recognition you can notice how Love is placed in first place. Removing yourselves from the impression of materiality of the physical body, removing yourselves from the often convoluted methods of communicating, removing yourselves from the products of a mind that is often unaware, positions you as one Spirit meeting another Spirit and in this contact you express Love.
In this Paradise, you see the other person as a Spirit and at this point you don’t need anything else other than the pleasure of looking at your own being Spirit in your own body of light to be aware of yourselves and of the other Spirit because it is in front of your eyes, and Love is always expressed by the heart. This is also visible and your contact always happens within recognition, and help is always through the Love that is deployed immediately as an answer to recognition.
Your making an effort on earth corresponds to the normality here in our Sky.
Through recognition you activate the same recognition in the other Spirit, recognition that is later spread to other hearts, despite the fact that you appear to speak to that spiritual identity.
And the last lesson for today. The brother who comes to you is connected to many of his brothers. It is not individuality, it’s the overall individuality. It’s an illusion to look at the individual, individuality does not exist, individuality is rather an expression of a group and through this connection they all experiment as individuality but they do so simultaneously, as a group. And everything you do, seemingly individual, is done to the entire group of brothers.
I must remind you that there are fine threads between all of you, they criss-cross each other, it’s through this thread that you grow as an individuality, both through your direct contact and also through the direct contact of our brothers. This light runs through you all the time, and it always brings you the experience of the other brothers, and the light from you brings experience to your brothers.
Remember this truth every time you contact someone, it may appear that individuality exists, but it’s never an expression of individuality, rather as a group.
Individuality between brothers is your own contribution, but it is always directed to everyone.
This is very clear in Paradise, it’s right in front of our eyes, for you this experience will give you proof of this truth.
Here, my dear ones, another step toward awareness, we see what you are, we see how you are all connected with each other, your experience will be able to bring you to the same knowledge.
With all of my Love
The teacher, your Father
Message transmitted 4th March 2007
Title Lesson of Love from God the Father Every Help to one of your Brothers Becomes Help to many Brothers
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