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Message of Help Life is a Soul's Most Important Experience Life is Eternal Message

Message of Help Life is a Soul’s Most Important Experience Life is Eternal Message
My loved and sweet children, I am with you, to help you understand that life is probably a Soul’s most important experience.
I know that life is eternal and you are always adding to your experience of yourselves, both in the Sky and on earth, but you live fully our precious awareness only when you are in the Sky.
The help I offer you is that our Sky will forever be at your side to help you overcome the impression of existence of materiality and non-existence of life in the Spirit.
The meetings between us have always existed and over time we have given you many proofs and over time many brothers have turned Love, Spirit, and made it their life mission to talk about it to their brothers.
Many people move around you, they are a Spirit talking about Spirit, but for you, rather than the Spirit you see the body, the institution that it represents and the contradictions that such institution kept proposing to you over time.
This is what you see, brothers in the flesh, and brothers representing an institution.
And on the subject of institution, my dear ones, often you think of the search for power to protect yourselves from noticing that Spirit talks about Spirit to all of you.
It’s the truth, the Spirit talking about Spirit in front of your eyes sees itself transformed into a body that has power from its own institution.
I can see that you are thinking about it and reflecting, and as you listen you recognize inside you what I am telling you.
For this reason, today, the message I am dictating you is titled “Message of help”, to help you reflect.
Can an institution replace a sweet Soul?
Are you perhaps the very work that you do, the institution in which you are allocated?
Is a body of flesh perhaps different from yours? It is different in its characteristics, but not in the fact that it’s a body of flesh.
Power, almost all of you have power, in your homes, in your families, in the relationships or inside your workplace.
Are you an institution, or power, or a body of flesh?
No, you are your name, the experience you matured, you just are. You are Love moving and expressing itself within the feelings.
And so, why do you turn the Spirit into something that is not itself?
Is the truth right in telling you that inside a body there is a Spirit just like inside you, or does the the mistrust prevail toward a Spirit that chose to give the sweet truth of its being a Spirit to their brothers?
Continue with your reflection, my help is working.
Why then this clear mistrust?
I say it once, I repeat myself, you are Spirit, a Spirit inside a body and feeling Love means being in contact with your Spirit. The contact with Love is the proof of the existence of Spirit, why do you believe that Love can be a biological thing, or a learned behavior? You just need to look around you to see that Love can not be learned, otherwise you would be learning it at school, as you look you also discover that the most lovable people often have companions that do not express Love for their companions, so it’s therefore not a learned behavior, and again by looking around you notice that in a body there can be Love inside, but there can be no expression of Love, maybe violence, but not love, and this too shows you that Love does not belong to the DNA, to the biological body, Love originates elsewhere, it originates in the Spirit.
Over time you experience a feeling of Love, so many things can elicit your Love, thoughts of Love can arise following the feeling of Love that you have all experienced; could you feel Love for a brother if you did not already have Love inside you? Can Love for your own child exist if you did not already have Love inside you? The passion you deploy to realize your work, how could that exist if you did not already have Love inside you? And many situations place in front of your eyes the existence of Love that is there as a part of you, you may choose to experiment it, but you can not create it.
This is the outcome of the experimentation, your being aware of being Love and while you experiment it you are aware of the intensity of your success in expressing who you are.
This is why life is the most important experience in the overall existence of a Soul, here in the Sky you recognize each another for the level of Love that you manage to express, from the heart it’s clear, and it’s easy to recognize the existence of the Spirit, but on earth the Spirit is manifested through the expression of Love that is inside you, and now, my dear ones, do you still consider women and men as a body of flesh, or institutions, or power, or do you begin to consider those brothers as a Spirit aware of Being Love?
On earth Being Love is an experience, and it has its complexities, in the Sky recognizing yourself as Spirit is an impression of truth, a Spirit that experienced this difficulty in recognizing itself during the many times on earth.
Life on earth is truly an important experience, recognizing yourselves as Spirit is truly a fundamental stepping stone in the growth of the experience of a Soul.
With Love I invite you to reflect over the experience that you re living.
Your Father, helping his children
Message transmitted 28th February 2007
Title Message of Help Life is a Soul’s Most Important Experience Life is Eternal Message
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