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Incarnation Life Death Life in the Sky Discovery of Love Moment of Death Feeling of Love

Incarnation Life Death Life in the Sky Discovery of Love Moment of Death Feeling of Love Message
My loved, sweetest children of mine, here I am once again next to you to talk again about death and life in our Sky.
Your loved ones, your dear ones, they are all present right here, some of them are listening to this message with the hope inside their hearts that these words may bring truth into the hearts of you, the listeners, while some sweet children hope that your Father may bring relief to your suffering, while some sweet Souls would like to return to talk with you about the truth that they are now able to touch with their own fingers, many brothers would love to go back and start their lives all over again but with the awareness of the truth. Emotions, emotions that have always been manifesting upon returning to my Home.
For your loved ones, the death that you experience through pain and with sacrifice in your acceptance of it, is actually a moment of joy, of contact with the truth and it’s a moment upon which to draw experience from what was experimented during the life on earth.
The pain subsides when you think about a child that is now between my arms and the pain subsides when you think that my Love will be available to him for every necessity and my Love will always be there for every child and I will always be embraced to every one of my children, in whichever experience and whatever place they may be. Visible recognition in the Sky, recognition that is felt inside the heart during the incarnation.
Life, to you it’s always life, no interruption in life, only interruption of the experience of full awareness.
Why do you forget everything when you are born? These places, everything you knew, your projects? It’s to be alone with your hearts, to begin once again the discovery of yourselves, of your being made of Love, and discovery means putting the Love that can you touch inside and bring it out. This is the discovery over which you are now crying, the discovery of how much Love you have in your heart to give away and in your death is the impossibility to donate that Love to the Soul that stirred it inside you. This is the discovery of Love in all its intensity.
My sweet children, it’s not true that in this moment you could love them even more because this intense feeling of Love is what you donated truly with assiduousness every moment of your life together; with the exception of rare, understandable moments of rage or tiredness, whether caused by problems or frictions, from your heart you always donated all of that feeling, a feeling that explodes inside you at the moment of the death of your loved one. For a child that feeling of Love represented experience of growth and discovery in their own Love; for a parent, your Love highlighted the whole feeling that he donated to you over the course of his earthly life; for your companion, this intensity of the feeling inside you represents the discovery that brought you to the recognition of his intense Love inside him; and for the siblings, or for your parents, your feeling in all of its intensity was the sweet experience to discover themselves in their hearts, in the feeling of Love that is inside the heart of all of you.
When you think that in that day Love expressed itself as impossibility to be transmitted, think how the very same intensity of your feeling nurtured the contact moment after moment.
This is truth, your feeling represented for other people an opportunity for discovery and growth in their own being a feeling.
In death, the awareness is regained completely and the treasure that is life shines in the great discovery that you are Love, in complete freedom, you are Love, you were Love, you received Love and you stirred a feeling of Love so great at the discovery inside you of how much Love can be mobilized from a single heart.
In Paradise all this becomes an emotion of joy and when faced with the grandiosity of my Love, everyone feels adequate and on an equal level, in essence, with your Father, who planted a spark of himself inside each one of you.
As the Love that you cry over transforms and becomes a constant declaration of Love, so your loved ones in the Sky send Love into the joy of your hearts to teach you that now, in the most complete freedom, knowledge, discovery and growth are the essential experiences in your life on earth, and invite you to transform your experience into constant discovery of your heart.
And now suddenly the pain leaves the heart when the contact with the truth places your experience on earth as an opportunity, in contact with the Sky, to take back the treasure that you thought you had lost in the contact with the truth, your treasure from the Sky above will begin to help you take back the precious experience of your life, the treasure that you are living right now.
My sweet children, the contact of Love with the ones that you have seemingly lost is always available, there is no interruption in life and even Love knows no interruptions. Everything is open, life goes on in parallel, Love goes on in parallel and the bridge, my loved ones, is offered by Love, the great Love of your Father, the great Love of your loved ones and the additional experience of just how much your feeling of Love can reach, every time it is activated.
Inside the heart you turn your pain into certainty, you turn the wait into a search for the feeling, you turn the end into the beginning, you turn life into a precious experience in which you can experiment your heart because life is forever and it’s a constant search of the Love inside you.
With all of my Love.
Your Father
Message transmitted 25th February 2007
Title Incarnation Life Death Life in the Sky Discovery of Love Moment of Death Feeling of Love Message
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