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Truth is in the Heart About Truth Check with your Heart Truth You are all Brothers among you Message

Truth is in the Heart About Truth Check with your Heart Truth You are all Brothers among you Message
My sweet children, let’s continue to walk in knowledge.
Light is born from my heart and illuminates your path, the light of Love shows the way, because the light of Love affectionately tends to your need to comprehend, to understand, to be more and more free to express yourselves. By understanding Peace you can all be Peace, by understanding Love you can all be Love, by understanding Knowledge you can all be Knowledge.
Light on earth can shine or can fade, awareness makes the light shine, could non-awareness ever illuminate?
All of you my dear ones, you are all exposed to conflicting messages, the truth is in the heart. The messages you receive from countless sources such as newspapers, books, contact with other brothers, they often suggest truths that are very limited and these sources ask you to accept as truth what you are actually wondering in your heart if it corresponds to real truth.
Do listen to every brother, every source, but when it comes to truth, first of all and always check with your own heart.
For example, it’s a truth that you are all brothers among you; life, your individual experience in this precise moment may be in the Sky or even on planet earth or some other galaxies; however, even if the experience that you are living in this precise moment is wildly different from one another, this does not change the truth that you are all brothers among you.
You just need to look right now at planet earth to notice a billion different experiences taking place simultaneously, even in this case the truth is that in this very moment on earth you are brothers in the act of experimenting, but you are still all brothers.
Life, experimentation, the need for growth of your Soul, they took you to the places where you live; they brought you in contact with other brothers with whom you have your experience.
The real and tangible difference between you is your personal experience, not the truth of being brothers among you.
The other brother walks among you, the other brother is falling in love among you, the other brother suffers among you, and the joy is in the heart of the other brother who walks among you.
This is a true conquest, when you see your own brother in the other person, your own brother walking together with you on earth and who is suffering and loving.
Looking through your heart, which you consider an effort, can already be conquered by the heart of the brother who is walking beside you, and on the same token it can be conquered by every one of you.
However, the many messages you receive talk about having fear of one another, and in the light of a murder, they always instill the fear of interacting with people who would otherwise no have no problems at all, to then put on a display of incomprehensible aggression and mind-blowing violence.
It’s the same fear that is thrusted upon you every time the problems within a Country are not rectified, giving security to its own brother citizens, and the controversy explodes over brothers from other Countries who bring their problems over here, this is the message, and you suffer.
The security, the police, according to the messages you receive it feels like there are no honest people left out there, and this puts inside you on one hand behaviors of discouragement and on the other hand behaviors of dishonesty to adapt to what you feel your world around you is like.
In your heart you feel that this Love, pushing you toward your brothers and pushing you with Love toward an experience of Love, is the truth, but how do you feel when you betray the messages coming from all over the world, claiming that Love no longer exists anymore? Do you feel happiness? No, you feel worry, and you drown your experience in an avalanche of worry; you walk but you are on guard, you contact people but you are immediately careful about picking up any signs of danger, you look at yourselves, and the smile of recognition that the heart sends to you seems to stop at the lips, so contorted from all the worrying.
And you, who are all brothers, instead of closing the gap between you, end up distancing yourselves.
Inside your heart you understand well that every brother is experimenting and you understand well that the truth is indeed inside every brother, and, in the light of the teachings, you understand so well that every heart inside your brothers can be listened to or not, and you understand well that the level of Love that every brother is able to express is the product of the sweet reflection that this brother has done, while listening to his heart.
This is your truth, the only truth, you are all brothers among you, but the experience you are maturing depends on your listening to your heart. This is why all of those brothers kill people, it’s because they have no contact with their own heart and this is also why the politicians do not intervene to solve problems of citizens, what is missing is the listening to their hearts, and this is why the safety from police becomes protection, because many brothers do not really listen to their hearts.
This is the truth, the only truth about the differences between you, the difference lies inside the heart, not in the possibilities, but it’s in how you listen to it.
And so, my dear ones, if you listen to your heart, you are already affirming that your world is different from how it’s described to you, if you continue with your experience you will discover that many of you are listening to your hearts and there is no more difference between religions or races, or any other kind of difference that is presented to you, the only difference is only in listening to your heart, and this difference is not relative to anything at all other than the experience of the individual brother who is walking with you.
Putting your heart while listening to your heart is the consequence of a journey toward the truth and it’s this very journey that I am sweetly outlining for you with my affection and with the Love and the joy that I feel right now while I accompany you.
I know, as a Father what brings me to you is not the loneliness for my children, but the joy to be able to help you rediscover what you already knew a long time ago, the total awareness of the truth and this is what pushes me to sweetly remind you of the truths that you all know, my children.
And now I leave you with the Love that you are conquering, I will leave you with your heart.
With Love, infinite Love.
Your Father, always listening to you
Message transmitted 21st February 2007
Title Truth is in the Heart About Truth Check with your Heart Truth You are all Brothers among you Message
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