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Belief in yourself Realize oneself Success it is to Reach Realization Messages from God The Father

Belief in yourself Realize oneself Success it is to Reach Realization Messages from God The Father
Sweet children, loved children, in my heart is a call ‘In order to Be, why don’t I give Love at all times?’ I understood that this is the journey that awaits me, experimenting myself until my Being Love can shine completely all around me; I have clearly understood that every occasion means experimentation; I understood fully that they are all stimuli to help me with my complete realization; I understood that you all exist to help me Being myself fully, communicating into my heart suggestions on how to Be completely and for the understanding of all my difficulties, and much, much Love to protect me and support me in my project of Being completely; I understand all this, all this inside the heart is awareness, my mind comprehends all this. Sweet Father, so why don’t I experiment, why don’t I follow my project every living moment of my life? What am I missing?
My son, my daughter, what a sweet project it is to realize oneself, what a sweet success it is to reach realization, this is what you are missing, belief in yourself.
“When I look around, I see all other brothers as they wake up and live without the meaning that our lives should have, I see champagne wine flowing like rivers when there is so much poverty, and the aggression that many people display when it’s Love that should be expressed among us; examples, Father I could give you millions of examples”.
My Love, dry up your tears and think that next to you, people who are suffering need you, look at those who await words of Love and be the one who gives those words to them, always respect every single brother without resorting to attacking and aggression. This is your experience, the research, the journey that brought you upon earth, the need to grow, to experiment yourself, brought you down here among your brothers who are experimenting but who have less awareness of the truth than you. Every occasion will be an experience of Love if you will welcome it, and as you evolve you will be able to understand that the journey on earth is very different from the one you live here in the Sky; you will notice how you much you have discovered through the difficulties of life on earth, and you know the satisfaction inside your heart as you say “I loved many people, I cared for many, I helped many, but above all I loved myself because I loved others by tapping into my own Love, I climbed mountains by resorting to Love, I loved despite enormous and constant difficulties in the impression of being the only one who loves, and you will notice that this impression is shared by many people, and you will notice how many seeds you sowed behind you by loving life, and today’s difficulties, which seem too large, will seem like a gift because they donated you, in your Love, your slow fulfillment of yourself.
By virtue of these difficulties you will realize you have a great consideration of yourself, the help you donated was a gift to you in return, and the Love you donated was a gift to you, and when you will be here in the Sky and you will first meet your other brothers, the Love for you will grow even more because you fulfilled your project and you have been Love even on earth, aaah, what a joy, what an emotion, having been Love even while on earth. And then you will watch your brothers speak to you and asking you how you managed and you will answer “By believing in myself, in the Love that the Father placed in me, in the help that the Father has always given us, as he placed sustenance inside our hearts when faced with difficulties, and I have learnt a lot, by listening to Him and by reading in the heart the emotion of Love that He has always sent to us. I know it’s not easy, I made many changes over time, but Love always guided me and this is the journey I took, guided by Love I succeeded in sending my Being Love through the great difficulties that life on earth places before you, and in the eyes of other people you will see the Love that yearns to fulfill itself and like you they will be in life, Love, first of all Love, and you from the Sky will help them fulfill themselves by placing comfort into their heart through the many difficulties.
My son, my daughter, this is the project you are living now, and believing in yourselves means believing in the Love that you feel inside your heart and your belief, because you feel me, in the great Love that guides you, which is your Father.
Does a glass of champagne have the same value as a heart that fulfilled itself? I don’t think so, many little bubbles that express happiness, and a heart that is happiness.
Let me embrace you, my son, my daughter, I console you in your heart, don’t worry, there is time to understand just how much you sowed behind you and how much you have grown, let’s take each other by the hand and let’s go ahead together. The guide in my hands, the famous choice of always Being Love in your hands.
I love you with all my heart
Your Father
Message transmitted 17th June 2007
Title Belief in yourself Realize oneself Success it is to Reach Realization Messages from God The Father
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