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Pity Homicides Need of the Heart Impossibility of realization Message from God the Father about Pity

Pity Homicides Need of the Heart Impossibility of realization Message from God the Father about Pity
My loved children, here I am for you, next to you is your Father, my sweet children, to help you again and again and as never before, my loved children, my adored children, if you knew the joy I feel inside my heart, when I speak to you, when I am with you in this moment and in every contact through these words dictated for you.
Love, if expressing Love brings comfort and Peace to your heart, Being Love is awareness of being self as a source of Love.
Nobody can console if in their hearts they do not feel strong with Love; no message can reach the depth of the heart if that brother does not sweetly feel himself as a source of Love, and no help can truly reach out if not as the byproduct of a heart that feels itself a source of Love.
And so, today we will talk about your Being a spring of Love and I will shorten the distance between us by taking you in my arms and speaking to you, heart to heart, to each one of you.
Do you feel pity?
This feeling is Love that is being expressed.
Great difficulties allow for mistakes, in the heart is a need for expression, but then the planned journey is not an expression of the heart. A homicide often carries with it an important need, but then, after the act, there is a cancellation of the needs that had been felt up until then. When you are in need the requirement of the heart comes through, but in the act is the cancellation of the requirements of the heart.
This is an example to say that you always think without asking yourselves about the need of the heart. I could give you so many examples of needs of the heart that ultimately lead to homicide.
Do you think that a desperate brother would kill if in his heart he had the awareness of a solution to a certain need?
So many homicides happen inside the homes of companions and children who feel overwhelmed by the pain of not being able to act on the need of their heart to give serenity and stability to the members of their family.
So many times the killing of a little creature happens because the need to give a future inside a heart is precluded.
So many times illness makes it impossible to keep going while respecting the need of Love inside the heart.
So many times war is considered as a possible solution to the expression of the need of the heart.
Examples, many examples of how a need of a heart is able to deny itself in the impossibility of its realization.
This is the spring behind many and many killings, the impossibility of fulfillment of the heart’s need.
Pity lay in this recognition, Love that is negated because deemed impossible in its realization. You believe that by erasing that specific need the heart will regain serenity.
As you think of these hearts immersed in powerlessness, in impossibility, do you feel an emotion of pity, or you react with aggression? Your need to be behind Peace could lead you to think that with a great dose of punishment a brother could linger and reflect on what he did, and through reclusion he would notice the erased need, but this is not what happens for many and many imprisoned people, because your prisons are not set up to help them with their understanding, rather they are set up to defend the group, the societies, from the danger of those brothers.
As a Father I would like to help you take into consideration every manifestation of the heart of the other person. Everything starts from the heart, every need is an expression of the Love of the heart and it’s this need that determines the actions in the solutions.
If for many people the solution is identifiable, I will teach you to understand even in those moments that you encounter, broadcasted by your communication media, from papers to everything else, those moments of incomprehension that produce discouragement and a feeling of unpredictability to your daily lives.
The resistance I found when speaking to you about this is understandable, you are all scared by the unpredictability of a certain homicide. You just need to think of the famous experience we talked about, of those hearts that delete with this action the requirement of their own heart, and you will understand the reason behind these killings.
And while I embrace you, think inside your hearts of the many needs that, even though they are born inside the heart from Love, culminate in behaviors that are far, far away from Love, but this is also understanding.
I am embracing you, think of yourselves as hearts always in contact with other hearts.
A big kiss
Your Father
Message transmitted 21st June 2007
Title Pity Homicides Need of the Heart Impossibility of realization Message from God the Father about Pity
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