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God Source of Love Father of All Creatures Images and Conditionings The Truth about God The Father

God Source of Love Father of All Creatures Images and Conditionings The Truth about God The Father
With Love I come to you, my children, my much loved creatures, because with the heart I dictate to you, can Love allow a heart to be erased by his Love?
I know very well that many hearts do not listen to me, I know very well that many brothers feel they are far away from me, they do not recognize those children like a source of Love, as a father of all these creatures, and I am also aware of the religious constrictions that bring my children to neglect me, often thinking that Love is not inside me and the concept of sin depicts Love as a higher judge that awaits you to either reward you or chastise you for eternity. And I am always aware that cultural influences transform your Father into a being that is truly very far away from the truth.
My sweetest children, could I possibly distance myself from one of my creatures who has been taken through these conditionings, I am also aware that there is no freedom in this creature to open up his heart to me, to seek me out, to meet me, and if Love has always professed brotherhood, could your Father distance Himself after having professed as much?
From the heart you know that it’s impossible, and this is the truth.
With my eyes I watch you as you distance yourself even more from the contact with all your brothers, the motives are countless, but listen, in your heart, wouldn’t you want to be happy to find yourselves as a brother among brothers? I know that in your heart each one of you wishes to Be in this reality, you think about it with your heart, the awareness of Being a brother in front of another Being is a wonderful experience is, but often you look at the other person as separate form you, a different experience, different culture, different belonging, different ways to think of life and cohabitation among brothers.
You don’t need much, and as the heart reflects, as it listens, it notices that there is a heart on front of it. Life and the organization of that brother is the answer to a need of life just like yours, a job, an affection, relationships, satisfaction, joy and problems that need solving, and as you listen to that heart you can not help but say that it IS, just like me, it seeks Love just like me, and it gives Love just like me.
It’s that “not much” that is far away. “You don’t need much”, I said, and that “not much” is what is distant.
And if in your heart you want to Be in your brotherhood, it’s on that “not much” that you need to reflect.
So many images and conditionings, they do not spare the other person either, ad not even yourselves. All my children are programmed to look at others in their physical reality, if it’s a woman then I will behave like this, if it’s male I will relate to him like that; conditioning in the image that the other person creates in your eyes: he is serious, or he is absurd, he is creative, he sounds like he is well-studied, he is destitute, he could be useful to me, my goodness he stinks, he has a briefcase or a plastic grocery bag, he has the classic eyes of an evil person, he is timid, he is perplexed, he is clearly confident, and here come your endless conditionings to make your conceive your brother just like another brother, so distant that you are oceans apart.
And during the journey of life there are oceans everywhere to separate you from others. Is this brotherhood?
That “not much” can be reached by beginning to look at the other person as simply another person, another creature you do not know yet, and that’s it. Your mind will rebel by starting to point out to you the many characteristics of your conditioning. Remember them, these are your own conditionings, and stop to wonder inside your heart if these conditionings belong to your experience or if they were told to you to protect you from your many fears of being duped.
You notice in the heart that this possibility has not been erased, and all of a sudden you remember that it was only by listening to your brother from your heart that your impression became one of real trust or not, and you notice that it’s by actually listening to that person that you have truly protected yourselves.
So what is this conditioning good for? As always it’s not for your own good, but it serves to control your existence with power, it orients you toward this, and far away from that.
The concept of good and evil is always in the conditioning, and it does that by taking you far away from your feeling, from your own internal orientation, from the Love inside you that could guide you. By negating the internal discernment of what is good from what is not, by putting into doubt the perception that is inside you, they are guiding your eyes for you, and they take on the role of those who are sure in their knowledge of what is good from what it is not.
This is the situation that takes you far away from others, that distances your heart from feeling what is inside all of you.
Change is imposed on you.
As you release the conditioning you identified, you return to yourselves and by returning to yourselves you go back inside your heart, in your own feeling, in the Love that guides, in the affection that helps to understand, and as you do so you will slowly start to relate to others as brothers, and from that moment on you will begin to conquer brotherhood among you, and your heart will be putting into practice the concept of Being among you.
A sweet goodbye
Your Father, always for all of you
Message transmitted 24th June 2007
Title God Source of Love Father of All Creatures Images and Conditionings The Truth about God The Father
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