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Religions Concept of Father Love Inside Religions Thought about the Sky Vision of the Father Message

Religions Concept of Father Love Inside Religions Thought about the Sky Vision of the Father Message


My children, my adored children, I will take up again a subject from a long time ago.


There are many children of mine on earth, many religions that condition their thought about the Sky, about your Father, about earth as an opportunity for awareness, or as a series of tests after which the famous judgment day awaits you; inside all these visions my children grow up oriented toward the Sky with many preset concepts.


Inside many countries there are other religions that are followed in the framework of structures, or inside homes or organizations. Often they profess the same Faith, but by placing their attention on the fact that the Father may be Love, or Guardian, or the one doing the judging. These roads are out there and each one of you, by virtue of being born in certain countries, professes the creed of that specific organization.


Over the course of history many religions in various countries have changed, and today we witness a greater concentration of faithfuls within a few religious organizations.


The hope in the heart is that at the end of the true recognition of your Father, Love may be an organization on earth of every single brother in every single Country, who believes in the same Love of the Father for all of you, for all of His children.


Even now, inside all religions, the perception of my Father not as Love is very evident, this concept does not change, what changes is the concept of how this Father Love expresses Himself to all of you.


I listen to your hearts and I know in detail that for you Love is Love, and it can only express itself through Love as Love. This is inside the hearts, precise knowledge and careful recognition.


But what happens to this Father Love when in contact with your religions? Here he comes to forgive you for sins that take you far away from him, here he comes to test you, and if you don’t pass the test you will be far away from him, here he is judging your thoughts by placing you far away from Him, and here He is condemning you to be far away from Him. This is because placing someone far away represents solitude, neglect; just like when you place a child on time-out, in your heart at that moment you are erasing the Love that you feel, you are used to thinking that this erasing is a possibility of Love.


My sweet children, is this true? Not even you can delete the Love you feel for your child when you punish him, do you believe that, as the Father of the Universe, I could possibly delete it, me, the person who created the entire universe for your happiness? Why do you take your child and explain the reason for the mistake? You are educating him to be respectful of others as well of himself, and by explaining this to him you seek to help him understand the error, the damage, the discomfort that he caused to another creature through his actions; on the same token, my sweet children, I will stop here for a moment and explain to you, while embracing you, the reason for the mistake, thinking of the motivations that induced you to the mistake and by showing you the repercussions on the affection of your brothers. And finally just like you, when your child understands, the joy is in the heart at the awareness that what was created will not happen again in the future and your intervention in the future will be more oriented toward the growth of his Love toward his own realization, and just like you, my intervention focuses on the complete realization of his Love, of his Spirit.


Perhaps today, as you think of me next to you, with the same Love that you have for a child, with the same availability, with the same intent and with the enormous affection of the heart, you have forgotten certain details of your religions and you have recognized me as the Father of each one of you, who comes to all of you as Love.


These religions can differ in some small aspects, but in the religions the image of the Father always comes from the Father Love, the same Father Love that you recognize inside your heart, and who is also next to you, at every age, to help you with your growth.


My loved ones, your Father does not punish, because he loves you; your Father does not relegate you to far away places, because he loves you; your Father always helps you understand mistakes because he loves you; and your Father loves you, really always, always, always, to help you be Love with yourselves.


You build your lives with this concept inside the heart, aware that Love will be there all the time, and well aware that if you think of Love as a guide for your journey the Love inside you can shine like never before; there will be mistakes, it will always be Love, not donated to you so you can make those mistakes, but with the guide of Love, my children, and as you will understand you will bring even more Love on earth.


And the Love of your Father will be your light, love like I do, you can Love like I do.


With all of my immense Love for all of you children,


Your Father


Message transmitted 28th June 2007




Religions Concept of Father Love Inside Religions Thought about the Sky Vision of the Father Message


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