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Smile Reply with a Smile Hearts Relating to Each Other Fears Isolation of the Heart Silence Message

Smile Reply with a Smile Hearts Relating to Each Other Fears Isolation of the Heart Silence Message
My children today I want to explain why you want to reply with a smile.
There are many occasions where you reply to your brothers with a spontaneous smile, the Love expressed from a heart, noticed, recorded from your heart from an exchanged of Love between two Souls, it always produces a smile in the acknowledgment of favoring the expression of Love.
Think of the many occasions where you smile when you see Love being expressed; it’s the heart that is able to express itself in the Love and immediately all your hearts express themselves in the recognition of your own being Love expressed in that smile. The Love of the other person lights up your own recognition of being hearts relating to each other as they express themselves.
This is what is in your smile, in the recognition of the heart of the other person, of being hearts, of being Love.
In many other situations a smile is born from meeting with a heart that we know loves us, or over the course of the meeting when that heart, as it expresses itself, reminds us that we are also a heart that is experimenting itself in life, like your heart, and this meeting of hearts creates recognition as hearts, and your smile is specifically determined, once again, from this recognition of hearts as they express themselves.
But then difficulties arise when the mind expresses itself as opposed to the heart, and when the many problems or opinions or conflicts are expressed from the mind, not from the heart.
And this is the difficulty, participating from the heart when the mind is doing the talking.
Emotions are denied, meanings for the heart, emotions received and sent, and the meaning for that heart about the contents of the mind. Words being sent out without a connection to an emotion expressed from the heart.
Faced with the difficulty encountered in hearing the heart, your own mind begins to speak instead, and to express itself in the concept, in the opinions, and to react when in conflict. And when this exchange is concluded, you don’t feel either any emotions in your heart or the recognition of having been in contact with another heart with all of your own heart; you react by saying “But I did send him my opinions, my thoughts”, but in your heart you just feel aridity.
How to handle these meetings differently?
Being able to express your thoughts is a success nonetheless, however that heart did not participate, therefore no change was promoted. Thoughts inside the heart are always linked to fears.
Observe your own thoughts when you express something through your words instead of through the heart. It’s a wonderful exercise to become aware that words sent exclusively from the mind have fears inside them.
These fears have caused the isolation of the heart, intimidated by the interaction.
This observation is important.
Concentrate on the words that the mind is expressing, and then notice these fears inside your heart.
Deletion of the self, unpredictability, mystery of the future, inadequacy, untrustworthiness, these are the greatest fears that a heart can feel and that can bring emotions so deep as to bring silence into the heart, and that leads to expressing exclusively the mind’s contents.
However, in your case, these fears, albeit present, did not ultimately lead to the deletion of the expression of the heart, this is because, as you learned, you all understood that these fears are only defined by the existence on earth of unawareness of what life truly is.
Over the course of your existence you discovered your immortality, and that your experience has its own stability within the experience of the heart, you can not see it with your eyes, but in your heart you know very well that you are never alone and the plan that you laid out makes you to grow even more, and you are perfectly equipped to do this, and over time you have taken many steps and you are all poised to always be yourselves in your own Love.
You understand in your heart that you prepared for this moment as an opportunity to be a smile from the heart, even when in front of you a scared heart could fill you with words instead of emotions, and you are learning to be a heart expressing itself among difficulties of a meeting with a heart that expresses fears and words from the mind.
My sweet children, the help that you give with this recognition will change your brother, because he will have the impression of being in front of a heart, and not words that talk about his own scared heart.
With all my great Love
Your Father
Message transmitted 01st July 2007
Title Smile Reply with a Smile Hearts Relating to Each Other Fears Isolation of the Heart Silence Message
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