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Love To give Love Experiment Feel Recognize Being Alive on Earth Experience Awareness

Love To give Love Experiment Feel Recognize Being Alive on Earth Experience Awareness
My sweet children, in order to give Love you have to open up your hearts and search inside you, inside your feelings, for the expression of your Love.
Does touching stimulate Love in you? feel it; does seeing stimulate Love in you? feel it; does smelling a sweet scent stimulate Love in you? feel it; does the moment of a kiss stimulate Love in you? feel it; does light stimulate possibilities? It’s a feeling that is present in you and comes from the possibility that Love has to express itself to the outside world, to the light, outside of you.
Does getting in touch with someone stimulate curiosity in you? This feeling comes from Love and its possibility, a constant possibility of being recognized, discovered, in all its potentiality.
Being alive on earth is a project of the heart that comes from Love, expressing yourself in every condition both toward your brothers and toward yourselves, existing as continuous Love.
For many of you existing on earth means facing difficulties, at times it’s a constant facing of difficulties, and solving these difficulties as a sign of your own abilities, competencies in facing and solving obstacles. At the same time, what is overlooked by many is the experience of Love that you are also simultaneously undergoing. The most important experience is always inside the heart, what the heart felt, the many emotions it experimented, how it handled such intense emotions, how it prepared its intervention, how it placed itself in relation to the situation, how it handled a specific problem, what it learnt from that experience, what it felt when the experience concluded and how it presented itself at the beginning of a new day.
This is the experience that you are having in the deepest part of your heart, with all of yourselves, and this very experience is what’s priceless for your life on earth. Experience of Love that allows you to grow and express yourselves even more in the possibilities, in the discovery of the Love inside you.
Growing up with awareness lies in this feeling, in the major expression, constant expression of your being Love, and your feeling, your awareness sends you to the Love that is present in you in its evolution.
Awareness is not only knowledge, but it’s ever greater knowledge of yourselves as Love.
In this precise moment, as you are reading my words, you understand what a great possibility every experience represents for you. Feel, so you may grow from the inside of you, and feeling allows Love to guide you and transform every experience into an occasion to experiment yourself in the Love that is inside you.
With your heart you chose life, and with all of your heart you must feel your life.
Many past experiences have left behind the pleasant outcome of making you feel competent, but from today the knowing result will be that of feeling yourselves as Love, Love in movement, growing Love.
However, now with your attention on your heart, I will leave you, my sweet loved children, may my words help you understand that all opportunities that life gives you are occasions to discover the Love inside you and inside others, to discover that earth is possibility for all to express yourselves as Love, to evolve in the awareness of your being Love.
This is the real path that you undertook today on earth, being Love, feeling the Love inside you grow, the rediscovery of Love and living from Love.
Your Father sweetly embraces you, every moment is an opportunity to express yourselves in what you are
With Love
Your Father
Message sent 5th July 2007
Title Love To give Love Experiment Feel Recognize Being Alive on Earth Experience Awareness
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