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Mystery and Contact with the Truth Search and Possibility When the Mystery is Allowed to be Revealed

Mystery and Contact with the Truth Search and Possibility When the Mystery is Allowed to be Revealed
My dear and loved children, you are opening up ever more to Love, day after day, when you quiz yourselves about what your heart feels, you are ever more in contact with your own heart, in contact with your own Love and with the hope that your Love feels of expressing itself more and more.
Every day as you keep going on your path, you are aware of the Love inside you, and you would like to be able to express yourselves completely, and you would like to see this desire being expressed in the world around you.
Perhaps your own example, even more than your words, is what may guide your brothers toward the same search for the full expression of your own Love.
If in your search you all entered into contact with the truth, and often you are helped by your brothers in your first few steps, you now understand that the search begins for everyone as you have the real possibility to know the truth.
When the mystery is allowed to be revealed it can light up inside everyone’s heart the sweet possibility that it will finally be revealed to the eyes of everyone. And I understand this, now inside your heart you understand well that they are looking at your eyes. It’s you, as you interact with your brothers you inspire them with your Being Love, look at their eyes, and you understand well that the eyes are looking at you only listen to words that express what you are becoming, a complete expression of your Love.
To everyone’s eyes time is important, with your eyes you would like to observe growth every single second, but growth will be rapid only if to the eyes of everyone this expressed Love will increase.
Many hearts that are an example may lead to just as many hearts to express themselves, and a million of hearts will do the same to just as many.
And the example that is so important for all is your own example, the example that is manifested to you from a brother at the beginning of your own journey.
Even in the Sky it’s the example that allows for more Love to be expressed among us, Love manifested and lived as a possibility for constant expression, expression of the life of the Spirit.
And compared to all of you, the example is constant for the brothers here in the Sky, the example seeked out by the brothers during their incarnation on earth.
Every day many examples are sent on earth, but for the majority they are not examples of Love, rather they are examples of non-Love, always consider this aspect, because it takes away a brother’s freedom to believe in his possibility for affirmed Love, Love clearly present, Love as possibility of existence on earth.
Take pen and paper and write down the examples in other people that you meet in one single day, and you will understand the reason behind the slow speed with which our incarnated brothers are growing, but do not fret, important examples have always brought many hearts to open up and important examples are what every one of you sweet children represents, you have opened up your heart and are seeking to live by always turning your gaze toward Love.
With your eyes you look at the world, with your heart you understand the world, with your understanding you sustain the importance of your experimenting yourselves.
My loved ones, like you, today from the heart, I would like to see only Love being expressed, in all its aspects, in every condition, but I understand that being on earth is a difficult task.
In the eyes are many errors, many of those terrible errors, but in the heart I understand the great difficulty in Being Love when all you see expressed is violence and selfishness. How can it be any different if this is what they breathe daily growing up, I sent you many Souls to be of example, to spread the example, and to reap your own sweet hearts reaped from this example, and now you may be the example, my loved children, all of you may be example and thanks to your own example many hearts will open up and you too will have joy inside your heart for your harvest of Love.
Up here with our heart we think of Paradise as an example of fulfilled Love, they are the same Souls that right now are around you, Souls that love over here and that encountered great difficulties in loving their brothers during their lives on earth, and their hearts now shine with the joy of expressing themselves in Love, the same joy that is possible to experiment on your earth. The example, may you be the example of the heart’s freedom to express itself in the Love, may you be example of Love’s own realization and, above all, understanding the many difficulties in life that slow down the natural process of growth in the Love of the heart in your brothers.
I hug you and I tell you to be the example, for you, for your brothers
With immense Love
Your Father
Message transmitted 8th July 2007
Title Mystery and Contact with the Truth Search and Possibility When the Mystery is Allowed to be Revealed
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