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Hearts To Seek confirmation To seek Contact Presence of the Father Love Expression of the Heart

Hearts To Seek confirmation To seek Contact Presence of the Father Love Expression of the Heart
My loved children, right now light is exploding inside your hearts, the Father’s heart is exploding with light, and every single heart from those of you who are listening to me is also exploding with light. The meeting has taken place, my light, your light, it’s an intense brightness.
Let’s go back to the past. There was a different existence, your insecure eyes looked at the world, seeking answers from the heart, confirmations of my existence, of the existence of the Sky. Many religious hearts seeked confirmation, contact, meeting; many brothers’ hearts seeked confirmation, the contact of the Love. Time has passed since then, and as the hearts seeked, they found possibility of contact, of confirmation of the Love of a Father that has always been present. I remember the insecurities and the many doubts, but your heart, while seeking confirmation, contact, remained open and the progressive listening accepted more and more our presence next to you. And then finally the confirmation “How did it happen?” the Love that was speaking to you was immense, it talked to you, it expressed itself to you, and it always talked to all of you about Love.
I remember with trepidation the message where I agreed to give Sara the ability to listen to our live voices, I understood the issue with the time to dedicate to listening to the tape recorder, but I also felt apprehension, how could you react without a proof, a taped reply? But my son insisted, even our loved Maria joined in, and I agreed to it.
Over time I noticed the advantage of the hearts in feeling me as more present, the advantage from the time perspective has allowed many hearts the advantage of hearing me. With the heart I thought of that moment, the contact with the heart of Sara, of my Jesus, of my loved Maria, and my heart erased that fear. With the heart I chose to do it, despite my perplexities, with your hearts you chose to listen to me despite your doubts.
And today the explosion of light that manifests itself to us tells all of us, including you, that when a heart is understood in its difficulties, once the great impetuous of Love that you feel is experienced, the result will be the expression of the heart.
Even though I may speak more about myself, your hearts are evaluating your own hearts. Understanding yourselves, what a sweet sensation, understanding your own difficulties, much more than a moment, it’s the understanding that the truth about yourselves in some situations may lead to the non-expression of that moment of Love that is felt inside. Understanding your own difficulties is to decide simultaneously if the Love felt is sufficiently intense to allow you to face a moment of difficulty.
This listening, which often means listening to life, brings you awareness of yourselves as hearts, sweet expression of your Love, and it gives you awareness of your difficulties with expressing yourselves completely.
I remember some difficulties that you turned into occasions to be conquered, starting from the heart; I remember doubts turned into occasions to express yourselves more and more, and I remember problems overlooked while waiting for occasions where the push from the heart could have turned them into occasions for your growth to overcome them at least once. Occasions for growth are therefore everything that respects the feeling of the heart and it even transforms your mind.
A long time has passed since then, it’s wonderful to look at you, inside your heart, illuminated by your Love. You are happy with the contact that exists between us, I am happy with the contact of Love with your many hearts.
Our contact is wonderful, it’s wonderful to see that you are listening to me, it’s beautiful to watch you reflect, it’s beautiful to watch your illuminated hearts navigating with pleasure among other brothers. My children take many paths, but my eyes see the joy and happiness that you carry with our contact and over the course of your existence you have changed so much, a kaleidoscope of colors is what your heart is right now, as it lights up with a white color, now light blue and now light purple, all colors, experience after experience. Your growth is like a light show and your happiness is thus guaranteed once you come back Home, you will carry a lot of happiness with you, your satisfaction, an image of a heart that loves amongst all those colors.
Despite the holidays that soon will await our Sara Luce, your image will continue to shine, you have me at your side, you have me, the Father of all his children, in the heart, and my immense Love is always with you.
What a good outcome came from my trepidation, you are choosing with your heart and, as a Father, this is my pride, my happiness.
I hug you very tight, very very tight, here is a message from the heart of your Father for all of you: “My loved ones, you give me joy when I see you as hearts that Love”.
With all of my immense Love for you, my children
Your happy father
Message transmitted 12th July 2007
Title Hearts To Seek confirmation To seek Contact Presence of the Father Love Expression of the Heart
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