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The Road of Love the Eyes of Help Joy Progress Creators of Emotions Life in its Reality

The Road of Love the Eyes of Help Joy Progress Creators of Emotions Life in its Reality
My loved children, suddenly the upcoming interruption for Sara’s vacation pushes me to talk to you about commitment. As sweet Sara is tired and needs to take some time to dedicate to herself, this need does not affect our heart.
Why is it that Sara gets tired while we, on the other hand, take advantage of every minuscule opportunity to dedicate our passion to all of you? As I look around me, surrounded by smiles, immersed in this Sky of harmony, how could I possibly get tired? Everything around me is Love, the Angels reply “Everything is Love inside you”, and the possibility opens up to talk about how what surrounds us is also a reflection of what we feel inside us.
Your focus shifts from the inside to the outside world, I have the possibility of perception determined by the emotions I feel inside myself. If I am donating Love or help with serenity in my eyes and in my heart, it will be possible for me to pick up from the outside a manifestation of peace and serenity, that gesture of Love will certainly be picked up by my eyes, the help among brothers will be seen by me because inside my heart I am seeking to give Love and this is why I will pick up on every gesture of Love around me.
I return with my thoughts to what I taught you, giving Love to give your existence on earth an opportunity to express yourselves completely in your Being Love.
Over time your progress encouraged you to put ever more Love, and, have you noticed how quickly your negative emotions abandon you? This is the result of Love. You translate your emotions in the discomfort from which they originate and by freeing yourselves you face that discomfort by starting from your heart, and you bring a solution. Such good progress, isn’t it?
This is the result of our every moment next to you and this is why we do not feel tiredness, maybe our joy at watching you grow, maybe the awareness of the opportunities you have for growth, every progress your heart makes becomes a new stimulus for all of us to be even more engaged with all of you. So much joy at talking to you, so much joy surrounds me and is inside me. It may be because my heart is always there to help you, and you give me an opportunity to help you, and all of my Love poured on to you is an opportunity for joy for me. Soon you will feel it too, your progress will allow all this joy also into your hearts.
The road of Love is paved with joy, this is the progress that awaits you, feeling the joy as you express your Love. This opportunity can be experimented by looking at yourselves a little through the eyes of help.
What feeling do you get when you receive help? What sympathy is able to inspire a smile? What words do you pronounce inside your heart when someone is listening to you? Why does receiving a solution to one of your difficulties bring you a sensation of peace and Love? This is what help creates inside your hearts, and as you help you produce these emotions inside the hearts of your brothers. The emotion that help generates is very special, you are donating that emotion, what great happiness it is to be the creators of such beautiful emotions.
Look at yourselves also through these eyes, do not limit your focus only to how you are helping, but also concentrate on the eyes of help itself. And so the discussion opens up, you think of life as an exchange of emotions, now you are really looking at life, at reality. Hearts interacting with one another. Life is an exchange between hearts. Life in its reality, Love and exchange of Love. This is how the perfect eyes view life.
What an emotion it is to feel you inside your heart, as you listen to me, as you question yourselves and decide to try, by staying within yourselves you generate emotions within me, a profound Love and desire to embrace you with all of myself. We are exchanging Love, did you notice? Together we are Love and we are exchanging Love with one another.
My children, I waited for these seconds for so long, earth united with the Sky in an exchange of Love, may passion descend on earth to be shared with one another, to build moments of Love and joy between all of you, my children.
With all of the immense Love I feel for you
Your Father within joy
Message transmitted 19th July 2007
Title The Road of Love the Eyes of Help Joy Progress Creators of Emotions Life in its Reality
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