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Truth Discover the Truth Life is Emotion Life is Inside the Love in Donating in Receiving

Truth Discover the Truth Life is Emotion Life is Inside the Love in Donating in Receiving
My sweet and loved children, so here we are, in a few days Sara’s vacation will begin, after that will come her effort to bring to you a completely renovated website.
My Sara asks me “What do you think of it?”
Beautiful, I love it, black and white that hides all colors of Love, it will be a discovery to notice that no color is suitable to represent the range of colors that come from the heart at the moment when you love, no individual color but rather a range of colors manifests itself and this is why black and white highlights the colors of our messages. You will concentrate on the color of our Love when you will read and this will give you the great emotions, far more than images and colors.
I will await with you the launch of the new site, let’s see what effect it will have on people’s hearts.
I will be with all of you in wait, and I will always be there with you to wait for sweet Sara, and her call to me to help you. Sara is so sweet when she calls me, it’s no bother, I await with joy, great joy for all of you who have so many questions, many reasons, you need understanding. If it was for me I would talk to you uninterruptedly because the joy at opening up my heart and explaining is a sweet and wonderful moment for me. And as I observe you I can’t help but tell you to ask, ask your Father, with all my heart the words will be for you. The subjects are many and from my heart I witness as you read carefully and you integrate into your knowledge all that I send you, your listening to me makes such an impression, it’s beautiful, joy enters into me, the great joy at being of help to you.
My sweet children, just like I explained to you the last time, it’s the help, it’s the helping that gives infinite joy, allowing the heart to be of help, feeling that you are donating the Love that is inside you and the simultaneous thinking of the Love that places emotion translates into a heart that feels joy.
You feel so many experiences when you are happy inside your heart, they are due to the exchange of the Love you experienced, to the people, to the sweet animals, to the environment, every moment of happiness you feel is the outcome of the exchange of your Love from inside your heart, and even the progress you make puts Love, happiness inside you and you seek out even more sweet moments because you have understood clearly that, as you listened to your heart, life is truly inside you only when you love. What sweet moments are those when you discover the truth, life is an emotion, it’s feeling alive inside your heart, in donating, in receiving, life is inside the Love. What great progress you have made, and your life in the past seems lifeless when compared to how you live your life today. What great emotion it is to be the mastermind of your life and as you listen, and you participate, and you experiment, you are donating life to yourselves. Great emotion, you are now living life from inside your heart, in its possibility to guide you, to make you feel constantly as Being Love.
What a perfect result, you are the evolution of yourselves.
In this message you can look at your journey, it’s always very useful to look at it as it progressed because in order to continue it’s useful to harvest on the progress you made to feed your next decisive steps with hope, and so new progress awaits you, in the understanding and in your experimenting yourselves, and maybe your upcoming vacations, rather than a moment of repose, could be the actual time to take stock of the progress you made, to notice yourselves and notice the life that you are now living in a more real way.
Life is everything inside the exchange of Love between your hearts.
Life is an exchange of constant Love under every circumstance.
What an emotion it is to say goodbye to you, my heart will be close to you at all times, take your life and love more and more each day.
Your Father, from His heart with you
Message transmitted 22nd July 2007
Title Truth Discover the Truth Life is Emotion Life is Inside the Love in Donating in Receiving
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