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Messages from God for all His creatures Love With you forever Messages of Love from God the Father

Messages from God for all His creatures Love With you forever Messages of Love from God the Father
Love, love, I feel Love for all my creatures, my children, my sweet children, I am here with you to love you.
Inside my heart is where I feel joy at meeting with you, hope in the meeting between our hearts is what I feel with all of myself, this happiness is transforming the Father into a great pulsating heart, and it all starts from my heart.
Ah, my children, my sweet children, what joy, what Love, what hope.
May the light produced by my heart right now illuminate all my children on earth today, bringing the testimonials of me, of my infinite Love for each one of my children, and in the meantime may it bring hope to every child to be heard by my heart of a Father.
The joy I feel as I am called out “help me Father” is an immense joy, a sweet child of mine is calling out to me in difficulty, I always answer with Love, always, always. I know that my child is not hearing my words, or feeling me with this touch, and he does not even have the possibility to see me, but if he opens his heart wide open and welcomes the possibility of my help as his Father, this help will manifest itself in the emotion.
I listen to every child, it does not matter what he or she did, if he lives in the light or if he is immersed in the darkness, I listen to every call for help - “help me Father”, and my sweet Love as a Father will be right there for that heart.
Why abandon you? My mission is exactly that of helping you always, whether you will grow with my Love in the light, or whether I will take you by the hand from the darkness toward the light of the truth.
This is because every child is important to me and he is important for each one of his own brothers.
Evolution is a universal moment, everyone is important in evolution and evolution is possible only if this movement involves every single creature.
Evolution is intrinsic inside each one of you, inside your heart, this tends to fulfill itself in its full possibility of expressing itself as Love, the Being Love that you are conquering with our help.
Our important help is enriching you with increasing experience of your own heart; every message is experience for your heart to be able to experiment itself, every teaching is a help for your heart to experiment itself, and every moment becomes useful to experiment yourselves when you have understood that experimenting equals living with your heart.
My sweet children, message after message you understand the truth, and you experiment the truth I sent to you more and more, because I put the truth inside your heart and the heart is what sends the truth to the mind.
So much diversity in the today, long time ago you were groomed by your education that in order to understand you needed your mind, today you ask your heart, as you find out about the truth.
So much progress, swapping certain concepts that were sent out to you for the truth, you have embraced the truth of the heart. My sweet children, further progress awaits you, your heart can expand even more, increasing evolution as the effort continues for all of you.
As a Father, forgive me if I repeat myself, my mission is to help you with your evolution, this is the project I carry forward, helping you, every one of my children, in your evolution, helping you grow until you heart will shine in all of its splendor.
Now I would like with all of my heart to hear the call “Help me Father to be all of my Love”, my every child that turns to me asking me for help to be himself completely. I would love to hear a chorus “Help me Father to be all of myself”, my heart of a Father would be right there with you always, and we would live life as an occasion for evolution completely embraced, second after second.
With my heart brimming with hope I would like to be called out to grow, to evolve, for the complete realization of yourselves, a sweet calling me for your evolution.
In front of my eyes I harvest evolution, the desire in my heart for your complete evolution is immense.
Embraced to you forever
With Love
Your Father
Message transmitted 2nd September 2007
Title Messages from God for all His creatures Love With you forever Messages of Love from God the Father
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