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Forgiveness the Time for Forgiveness Forgiving Yourselves Mistakes and Selfishness Messages from God

Forgiveness the Time for Forgiveness Forgiving Yourselves Mistakes and Selfishness Messages from God
My loved and precious children, at all times you are very much loved inside the heart of your Father, my sweet children, creatures made of Love, the same Love I donated you which lights up every time there is contact between our hearts. Maybe it’s because I am the Father, but I made these creatures of mine with the flesh and the heart, in the eyes of your Father you are only love, an immense possibility to Love that starts from the heart and reaches the entire universe. Those lights in front of my eyes are rays of Love and your shining hearts once again today are sending their own Love back to me.
As a Father I can only compliment you on the intensity of the Love that you are expressing, a wonderful light that right now is before my eyes like a large embrace of Love that wants to surround me completely. Thank you for the Love my sweet and precious children, what an emotion it is to feel myself embraced by your Love. May you always be like children, aware that as every child of mine loves, he sends to the loved one a ray of Love that embraces and feeds with Love.
However, right now, my children, here comes the answer of Love to my children.
Even if all of you made mistakes in the past, the time for forgiveness has come. A heart can not shine if its light can not shine, if their mistakes have not been forgiven.
When you were born and you came into contact with earth, the example of Love was not always nearby to sustain you, you are not always forgiven and understood on the light of inexperience, and those around you, those who educated you, they understood that you are small creatures but they believe that the best education, rather than teaching by example, is to give you a nice prize or a painful punishment. Soon you experiment what to you is injustice and retaliation, because for you to experiment is the only way you have to learn.
Some time goes by, and the world around you seems more hostile, “don’t be too trusting, they are strangers, they could harm you” and this makes your heart put some distance between you and your brothers in the world. And the brother who now is distant is no longer a brother, he is a person, a body who is walking far away from your experience, and this very experience could potentially bring understanding and help and Love and freedom to your heart.
The origin of that selfishness between people comes only from that distance from your experience.
And, before you know it, inside you there is growing selfishness and this is where, my dear ones, you begin to make your first mistakes.
Forgiving yourselves means accepting that without your will, your heart has abandoned Love and your behavior was therefore guided by selfishness.
Forgiving yourselves means understanding that this absence of examples of Love around you, without your will, brought you to abandon your Love and therefore you found selfishness around you.
Forgiving yourselves means understanding that every experimentation brings to understanding, and helping with comprehension is the right task, without punishment or prizes.
Forgiving yourselves is understanding your own inexperience, being creatures that still have a lot, or quite a lot, to learn, to become always and only Love.
You now understand, my dear ones, that this passage through self-forgiveness is an important step. If Love is in you, use it to forgive yourselves, as you grew up you recognized your mistakes, and only through evolution you can see them as mistakes that selfishness originated some time beforehand, but it’s exactly because you are older now, grown up, that you can trace your mistakes back to selfishness. And with this message as your Father I want to comfort you, I have observed your hearts all along and I can assure you that your Love always suffered at not being able to express itself, and, against your own will, you made mistakes.
Now that you have grown up your will and your true will are more aware, you have chosen to be your own heart, the Love inside you, to always Be Love. This is the result of the growth that happened inside you and the outcome of the Love inside you always pushes for its realization.
Forgiving yourselves is the result of the growth of your Love, forgiving yourselves is the starting point for new growth of your Love.
And so, embraced to all of you, I invite you to forgive yourselves, constant growth through self-forgiveness.
With infinite Love
Your Father
Message transmitted 5th September 2007
Title Forgiveness the Time for Forgiveness Forgiving Yourselves Mistakes and Selfishness Messages from God
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