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Existing to Love Existing for Other Person

Existing to Love Existing for Other Person Experience of God Manifestations
Existing to Love Existing for Other Person : yes I am with you, my loved children, I am with you today as always, to be light for your hearts, light for those who seek me, and light for those who have pain in their eyes and light for those who discern, among the darkness, the possibility of a different existence; as you seek me in your heart you shall find the answer, I am Love, the feeling you felt when you existed entirely for another person, that feeling you had is called Love, existing to Love the other person at that specific moment, this is Love, existing for the other person.
If in your heart at that time a light came on, experimented as existing for the other person in that moment in time, that moment is when you experimented Love, and exactly at that time you experimented me, this is because as you Are Love, this is the experience that unites me to you and you to me.
Love is therefore the expression of the Father manifesting himself inside you, so it’s inside the heart, at the moment of Love, that the unity among us takes place, at the moment of Love it’s not just your own Love that is deployed, but it’s also my own Love, you love, and inside your heart my own Love is also in the process of loving, you embrace, and my own embrace surrounds you, you express a feeling, and I express the same feeling through you.
I live in you, and I express myself through Love, through you.
It’s therefore by mobilizing your Love that you experience me.
I am Love, I manifest myself as Love, I am inside you as Love.
Over time many experiences delete these manifestations, and the absence of manifestations brings all of you to have doubts about me, but I am always inside Love, and experimenting myself is the outcome of your opening yourselves up to Love.
If you seek me in moments of pain, closed up inside your hearts, inside your fears of being abandoned, or even worse, excluded from my attention, how could you possibly hear me?, but, if you put hope for my help inside your heart, and if in your heart you mobilize Love for this Father who is ready for you, through your Love for me you will allow me to love, you and to sweetly be of help to you.
All you need is for a heart to open up through love, and I will be able to be right inside that heart.
If you seek me out outside you, through manifestations in the material world, or in the meeting with this or that person, or even in the manifestations of nature, you will experience my manifestations, but it will not be an actual experience of me inside you, and this is the most important experience of them all, me inside you.
I manifest myself inside each one of you my children, every time you use your Love.
Feeling the intensity of the Love as you experience it, the feeling of completion lived through the expression of your sweet Love, feeling that desire to always be inside this Love, feeling that very warm expression, very intense expression of your voice that sweetly expresses itself, the emotion of joy that accompanies you in those moments, they are all experiences of our hearts united, experience of you and me united, experience of me.
I can only give direct experience of me through the heart, only through Love will you be able to have a direct experience of me.
It’s with Love that all my children can have a direct contact with me, it’s through their love that there is a manifestation of myself, inside Love is the proof of my existence inside you.
You often wonder about it, however the experience is inside the heart, it’s all about your feelings, in every field, the experience of yourselves resides exactly in feeling every manifestation of your Love, experience of me inside you.
Therefore pay attention to every sweet moment of Love, feel inside yourselves so you can hear me giving Love together with you.
With all of my heart I am inside you, with all my heart may you be with me.
Your Father, always
Message transmitted 9th September 2007
Existing to Love Existing for Other Person Experience of God Manifestations Material World and Heart
Existing to Love Existing for Other Person Experience of God Manifestations
Existing to Love Existing for Other Person
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