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Lessons To Learn Lessons from Life

Lessons To Learn Lessons from Life Lessons that Bring you Growth Objective Projects Model of Love
Lessons To Learn Lessons from Life : my loved, sweet loved children, as a Father I come to you, and while I meet you and embrace you, I see all of my children through you, there are many more of you than in the past, and there will be even more of you in the future, but as I hug all of you, all of my children are in my arms; you hear me speak, you listen to me, but my words and my immense Love are for everyone, and as I speak, even if your eyes do not see, my message of Love is received by all hearts; this is your Father, Love for all his children, Love sent to the hearts of all my children and Love that is encouraging you to also be Love to your brothers; all of you on earth are in the condition to learn from your wonderful life lessons.
How much Love can you mobilize from your heart?, in moments of difficulty, how much can you express in terms of Love?, when you are in joy, how much happiness can you express to all those Souls around you?, do you answer with detachment to the problems of your brothers, or do you take their pain upon yourself and, with Love, seek a solution?, how much consideration do you have for the other person, this is also a lesson, the respect the human being that originates deep down inside you for, and on the subject of lessons, how many tears did you have to go through thinking of yourselves as a Soul who is suffering because he does not have the possibility to express his own Love?.
These lessons bring you growth, growth in the heart, in your possibility to express yourselves as Love, growth that only living on earth can offer to you.
Together, you walk together, learning lessons, this has always been your project, expressing yourself more within Love.
The objective that all of you seek to reach inside your project is to notice, within the many difficulties and tests that your brothers bring you, the Love that is available within you and others, you are the ones who love and Love is the result of what is inside you and you can measure the awareness of how much Love is available within you through your experiences.
It is a false objective to concentrate on your career or money or personality (political, of power), all of you have a united objective, which is to have the opportunity to express yourselves completely as Love, for this reason, every brother represents an opportunity to discover the Love in you.
Therefore, begin to think that a brother, in fact, all brothers represent opportunities for you to experiment yourselves, and then grow, and your objective will be met.
Your brothers participate to your growth by bringing you opportunities to allow you to truly experiment yourselves.
Some of you right now have serious problems, determined by what some brothers have brought to them, and they do not seem to acknowledge in their mind this growth opportunity, but they suffer a lot inside their hearts because the model of Love that they would like to express is not able to affirm itself.
Let’s see an example.
There is a person who feels a lot of Love for someone inside their heart, even the parents of this person are discouraging this relationship, because they think it’s too difficult, but this person inside his heart knows about the sweet and great Love inside his heart that manifests itself for the other person.
The model of Love that he would like to fulfill finds these obstacles and he thinks it’s impossible to fulfill it without a lot of suffering.
However, if that heart listened inside itself to look for his Love, and if he followed his own project, he could learn that the worry of the other person (of the parents, in our example) only attempts to protect him from the opportunity to not fulfill his model.
If that hearts felt the Love inside, the soul would not have any doubt, and would proceed anyway, contemplating the fears of other people without suffering, without questioning his own project that he carries inside his heart; experience would teach him that believing in the fulfillment of a project of Love is everybody’s desire for an experience, and with his belief in the immensity of his feeling, he could be an inspiration to all his other brothers to believe in their own projects of fulfilled Love.
I am smiling, so many of my children believe more in other people than in their own feeling inside their hearts; for many people, this passion is not very much recognized.
Take this example and apply it to your lives, and your experiences will know far less suffering.
Models of Love, a model of Love is the expression of your expression of fulfilled Love, because living in that model is the ideal condition for your heart to express itself completely in your Being Love.
Embraced to you, I remind you how important every single brother is to each one of you my loved ones, your realization is the consequence of your meetings with your brothers.
With great, great, immense Love
Your Father
Message transmitted 12th September 2007
Lessons To Learn Lessons from Life Lessons that Bring you Growth Objective Projects Model of Love
Lessons To Learn Lessons from Life Lessons
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