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Project of Life Project of Love

Project of Life Project of Love Life is Feeling in the Words of the Heart the Soul's Project of Life
Project of Life Project of Love : my loved children, inside my heart I have a great joy, because speaking to you right now means giving you an opportunity to experiment myself with the words and with the feeling that my words are transmitting, it’s the feeling, the immense Love that I feel for all creatures I created from the heart, the feeling that is first inside the heart and then in the words, the feeling you are perceiving brings the Love of your Father inside the hearts of each one of you, a feeling, words expressing a feeling; this is the heart speaking, as opposed to words expressing concepts or thoughts or theories, Love only speaks words that express the feeling experiences inside the heart.
Because life is only a feeling.
Life is an opportunity to express a feeling.
Feeling in the words of the heart.
The experience of life is in the feeling, a heart that is experimenting its Love, Love that speaks of itself in the feeling, Love that speaks of intensity of feeling felt inside the heart, this Love that speaks of possibility to always be intensity of feeling; do you hear how much Love expects from you?, being able to express itself in all its possibility, this is what Love desires from you, conditions, possibilities of complete expression of itself.
A Soul’s project of life is total expression, complete expression of the feeling inside it.
Therefore, my dear ones, a project of life is a project of Love.
Very often you believe that a project is a task that was pre-established by yourself, by us, in the Sky, and in fact you did think of a project together with us in this sky, and you are all provided for, equipped with opportunities, with gifts, to be able to fulfill it completely, but if you think of an experience of realization, what does the heart suggest to you for its realization?, the experience in which Love can feel the most complete expression of self, complete expression of the passion contained inside your own heart, passion that is expression of fulfilled Love.
This ‘fulfillment’ expresses the intensity toward which the heart leans.
The projects are countless, the passion inside the heart, in its intensity, guides you, and through the difficulties, sometimes great difficulties, the passion of the heart leads you beyond those difficulties, those are moments when you would like to erase the passion from the heart, there is depression, difficult moments in which you would like to give up, but the passion feeds the heart with hope, and every impossibility only lasts a moment, fleeting moments that come up and push the heart toward its fulfillment through new paths.
Every change you make, every choice you make is in itself a push of the heart toward the complete realization of the expression of itself, and complete realization is inside the feeling.
Therefore, my dear ones, to conquer the complete expression of yourselves it’s necessary to pay attention to the feeling inside you, to the passion that makes your heart jump, to the dream of fulfillment, to the conditions in which your heart may feel itself fully content and fulfilled.
The roads go through the heart, your own road goes through your feelings, the realization is inside the Love of the heart.
Many roads seemingly bring you to fulfillment, but each one of you has his own road; do not imitate someone else’s road because this way you do not contemplate the many advantages in the choice of your own road, in the heart you recognize the road you are meant to follow by its higher intensity, it surely corresponds to your project of Love, in your heart you are yourselves and you are your fulfilled project, this is how you conquer satisfaction, by acknowledging the passion that is already present inside you.
Many of you ask ‘Where is my passion?, it’s certainly not inside your thoughts, which are much more worried about your image in front of other people, let go of these consultants and instead consult your own heart ‘where does the passion come to life inside me?’, and listen, and over time, through your experiences, through the opportunities that life constantly gives you, in the heart you will feel your own passion, it’s an extremely important moment, the project you have inside your heart is uncovering itself before you and with passion comes the complete fulfillment of yourselves.
This Love beating inside your hearts is your Love, it’s time to finally listen to yourselves, your complete realization is sweetly inside your heart, listen to yourselves.
Passion brings you to live in the feeling, to express yourselves in the feeling, to be a feeling, and as the words of your Father speak to you of what I am feeling, it will be your own words transmitting to all of you what you are feeling.
Embraced in the feeling, your Father is encouraging you, my loved children, to give way to the passion of your beautiful heart
With much, much Love
The Father for you
Message transmitted 16th September 2007
Project of Life Project of Love Life is Feeling in the Words of the Heart the Soul's Project of Life
Project of Life Project of Love
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