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Requests for Help Intervention From the Sky

Requests for Help Intervention From the Sky to Help Example To Be of True Help Message from God
Requests for Help Intervention From the Sky : my loved children, here I am with you with new words coming from the heart, words easily understood that talk of the great Love that I feel for you, life in the Sky is all for you my children, at every moment someone loves you, someone is near you and, to help you, often there is a long line of hearts in front of me wanting to talk to me; however, I know, I listen to you in my heart, but the entire Sky is deployed for you, at all times there is someone asking for help for you, brothers from earth asking for an intervention from the Sky to help you, from the Sky, from the earth, requests for help.
I just need to answer your requests, surely, but is it right to give you what you ask for, and nothing else?
For example.
A sweet child is praying to me “can you talk to her and convince her to be with me?, I want to marry her but she does not want to, please convince her”.
If this child is truly convinced of her feeling, why does this daughter not give her consent?
I listen to the heart, and let’s assume that I notice that the feeling of my sweet child is influenced by his desire to have a child for his posterity after he dies, and let’s suppose I notice that my daughter feels she is important to this child for the sweet possibility to procreate rather than to be loved for who she is.
Let’s suppose that I fulfilled his prayer and I did my best to capture her feelings for this child, do you think that once they marry, my child will turn all of his attention to my sweet creature, or rather he would immediately start to expect to have a rapport that will put them in a position to procreate?
Let’s assume that soon after there is a pregnancy, do you think that the little life just born will be loved for who she is, or that the entire satisfaction will be in the fact that he has a continuity of DNA beyond his own life?
Focus on the moment of prayer from this child of mine, if you were in the place of the Father of the Sky, let’s assume you are the ones hearing the prayer, what do you think would be the right help to give to my child so that he may abandon his private thoughts, abandoning selfishness and fear of death and instead turn his heart to live Love for himself and for my loved daughter?
Would you give him what he is praying for, if this is the inevitable outcome?
I am waiting for your answer.
From the heart you know that Love only wants what is good for you, so, is it right to fulfill his prayer?
And this is how I actually helped my son, I put him in touch with a long lost friend who had moved to a different town, because he had the right experience to tell him, his mistake in wanting a child, even though he loved his companion his attention was focused on the birth as a continuity of himself and as he told about his sad experience to him, which contained suffering inside his own heart but also suffering for the woman and for this child whom he was noticing he did not love the way he should have, I am helping my child make the right decision for his life, that by welcoming Love you create serenity, while selfishness produces suffering.
Did I help my child and my other daughter and the future creature that will be born more with this kind of intervention, or would I have been of more help by giving him what he wanted?
What a surprise, you agree with me.
And so, my loved ones, why do you think that my not giving you what you pray for is something bad that I do to you?
Just like I helped my child in a way that helped him grow, I can assure you that I tend to each one of you for your growth and with the same desire to truly be of help to you.
My children, Love is upon you, upon every child of mine, why do you see a Father who denies you his help?, I am all for you, but I read your hearts and my sweet help is for the heart that asks me; do you think that a heart really asks me “can you help me be selfish?, or unhappy?, or do something wrong?”
You are learning to listen the voice of your heart, how many times is the word “selfishness” pronounced by your heart?, and “making a mistake”?, and “unhappiness”?, never, never once, your heart is full of desire to love, to love more each day, more each moment, and to love brothers and to be of help to them, and to do things right and it’s by listening to your words that I decide the most appropriate ways to be of true help to you.
Look toward the light and think of the truth “sure, he is preparing something to be of help to me, I just have to help for his sign, I will feel the contact inside my heart with my Love that reflects, that contact will surely be the help that he Father sent me”.
There is no resistance in the Sky to help you because helping you is our meaning, but helping you the right way is our great commitment; meaning is the commitment and it’s all for the great Love we have for you.
My loved ones, my sweetest children, I will conclude this comment with a “don’t worry, we in the Sky only listen to what comes from your heart, we heed your heart, today and forever”
With much, much Love
Your Father
My loved ones, just a little pause for a week, our Sara will be away, but soon I will return to speak to all my sweet children
Message sent 19th September 2007
Requests for Help Intervention From the Sky to Help Example To Be of True Help Message from God
Requests for Help Intervention From the Sky to Help
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