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Freedom Respect of Freedom Experience

Freedom Respect of Freedom Experience Within the Mistake the Teaching of Love Talk about Freedom
Freedom Respect of Freedom Experience : my dear, sweet, loved children, my immense Love is for you, my immense Love is for your hearts, and it’s there to console you, my immense Love is in full respect of you; I think of the freedom donated, the freedom of every sweet child of mine whether to listen to me or not, to reflect on existence, the freedom to try to express themselves more with their own affection, freedom to share the progress they made with others, the help that comes from the heart and gives freedom to those who are being helped.
This freedom is inside your own existence.
Freedom, and I move in full respect of your existence.
Freedom, and I move in full respect of your freedom.
Freedom of your heart to express itself, freedom of your mind to learn from it.
Over time you would like more freedom from me, even mistakenly, you ask for more freedom from me but not from yourselves.
There are children who enable and experience, knowing fully well what the outcome will be, this is the freedom you express, but what happens at the time of the outcome?, a feeling of guilt from having betrayed one of my teachings, and so begins the suffering, and then you ask me for freedom from the suffering.
You see, my dear ones, like I said many times, experience does not lie in the mistakes, but the teaching of Love that the experience taught you, if it was up to me, the concept of sin would definitely be eliminated, I gave you freedom and I would like for you to live in freedom, yes, mistakes, there are many mistakes, but inside your heart you can tell between what is Love and what is not Love and every moment you make choices.
Some behaviors that do not respect the heart come from some brothers, they are earthly teachings, and they push you toward making mistakes, hoping in the same outcome of non Love like the one they are expressing themselves and this is where the freedom I donated you expresses itself.
Should perhaps other brothers be doing things?, no, it’s you.
Is it the responsibility of your other brothers?, no, you are responsible for your own choices.
You make mistakes, in full freedom you decide on your path of error, you are experimenting, what do you learn?, what are you learning?, this is the extremely important element, you have freedom, you can listen to yourselves, and you learn exactly by listening to yourselves in the experience that you have chosen.
This is also why the past mistakes are not repeated, by listening to yourselves you have learned about the suffering from mistakes, suffering that comes from the awareness of not being aligned with yourselves, with your own feelings, with all the Love that you carry inside you.
And if in the meantime there is acceptance of the mistake and of what you learned from that mistake, you can once again feel freedom in your heart.
Freedom does not come from erasing the mistake, but by understanding your choices, understanding the teaching, this is how you overcome the pain in your heart, the teaching was necessary to understand that suffering is the result of your distancing yourselves from your core, from your Love.
Why was the experience within the mistake necessary?, because by neglecting your Love you distanced yourselves from thinking of Love as a possibility in a context of a behavior of non Love.
Let’s talk some more about freedom and freedom again.
There are no conditions between you brothers that authorize or negate your expression, it’s freedom.
There are conditions where the expression is facilitated, conditions in which it is less so, but we are talking of freedom, and in our eyes freedom is what you give yourselves, or deny yourselves in your expression.
I donated freedom to every one of my creatures, this is the property of everyone, and every creature is responsible for expressing themselves within the donated freedom.
Freedom that was conquered, even through a mistake, becomes a treasure, it produces a change that places people in front of their own heart and it is now a responsibility to express it fully.
Within Love you seek the right way to communicate your conquered freedom to others, and the time you spend in error will be an extremely important moment to rediscover your freedom within your journey.
From my heart I have already forgiven you, my child can make a mistake, the important thing is the rediscovery of the freedom that he has inside, is this considered a mistake if a child of mine evolves as a consequence of making a mistake?
With all my immense Love.
Your Father
Message transmitted 27th September 2007
Freedom Respect of Freedom Experience Within the Mistake the Teaching of Love Talk about Freedom
Freedom Respect of Freedom Experience
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