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Free Will Choices Responsibility from the Sky

Free Will Choices Responsibility from the Sky Freedom Paradise and Planet Earth About Free Will
Free Will Choices Responsibility from the Sky : my adored children, now I will talk to you about choices, your own choices, of free will and at the same time I will talk to you about what experiences we propose to you from Paradise; confusion, there is a lot of confusion between the responsibility from the Sky and your freedom, the free will I donated to you and that you all possess.
On rare occasions, while in Paradise before you are born into planet earth you make agreements with other Souls; what is already pre-determined is the experience that you find to be very useful for your growth, because in Paradise, as you recognize each other as brothers, you recognize the inexistence of any difficulties in your relationships through Love with this or that brother; in the infinite Love that surrounds you in this Paradise, every contact with any brothers becomes and opportunity to exchange Love.
These agreements made before your birth, which as I said I very rare, involve important and necessary projects to achieve the project’s final accomplishment, but they are projects, for example, oriented toward helping a community of brothers.
Over the course of their existence, without doubt these sweet Souls will meet and will head together toward the completion of the commitment, but like I said, for every one of you, in your birth project, what is important is the experiences, not the meeting with the individual Souls.
Once you are on earth, it’s all a big research, in the experiences that present themselves, in the people you end up meeting, in the people you will choose to bond with in an infinity of experiences, these experiences are all linked to the opportunities, from the synchronicity of certain moments, from the reciprocal affection that was mobilized, from your desires and your needs, from the desires and from the many needs of the other Souls; these meetings are born from your freedom to establish a connection between two hearts, and freedom in the subsequent meetings, and freedom is all the time spent in a relationship, this freedom is fundamental for your experience.
It’s inside the experience chosen from you that we, as Sky, intervene to give you a possibility to experiment yourselves completely from your heart.
Your choice is within freedom, our intervention is to give you complete freedom inside your choice.
We are therefore the ones who place this or that Soul in your path, we certainly help you with your new acquaintances, but here you all have the freedom to welcome that person you just met into your lives, or whether to wait for the next person you will meet; this is your freedom, exclusively your freedom, freedom that chooses a relationship of friendship, or your work, or the many occasions to getting to know each other with other children on earth.
Why do you think that it is all predetermined?, what sense would freedom have if everything was already predetermined?, there are many brothers who come in contact with you over the course of an earthly life, but only with a few of them a bond is formed, this is a demonstration of the freedom that determines every choice on earth.
Freedom is inside every choice you make, this is the predetermined element.
And like I told you we intervene the moment following your choice, to help you with all of our Love to live Love with all of yourselves, in all of its expressions, within your choice.
Are you happy?, you can thank yourselves for the wisdom of your choice.
Are you torn, or disappointed, or unhappy?, search inside yourselves, in the freedom of the choice that you will make tomorrow with the intent to donate happiness to yourselves and if over time many choices lead you to meet with hundreds of brothers and start an endless number of relationships, recognizing the similarity in the hearts that exists between you, my loved children, then you will be experimenting, within the circumstance of Souls incarnated on earth, you will be experimenting being a brother in a world of brothers existing in this Sky.
Going back to the freedom behind your every choice, I would like to remind you in your heart, that I donated this freedom to you so you can be yourselves completely in your being Love; freedom to express yourselves completely as Love, freedom to create conditions in which you can express yourselves completely, I gave you this freedom, you possess this freedom every moment of your existence.
The biggest gift to give to a child is the freedom to let him choose his expression, may an immense kiss reach the hearts of all my children, next to you within your freedom; a lot of Love always flows toward you, this is freedom to love you to help you conquer your freedom to love within yourselves.
With Love,
Your Father
Message transmitted 30th September 2007
Free Will Choices Responsibility from the Sky Freedom Paradise and Planet Earth About Free Will
Free Will Choices Responsibility from the Sky
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