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Intervention in the Existence of the Souls

Intervention of the Sky in the Existence of the Souls Incarnated Free Will Freedom and Influences
Intervention in the Existence of the Souls : I am here with you with much joy, next to you, close, in your heart, in everyone’s heart, in the joy and in the Love for you.
I respond to the question that more and more often you are asking about the intervention of the Sky in the existence of the Souls of my sweet children who are incarnated in this precise moment.
I am talking about your choices, your free will, the freedom that you have always had to choose, and I am talking of a heart where the presence of your Father means encouragement to express even more the great, immense Love that you all have and that defines your Soul.
This encouragement to a complete expression of yourselves, encouragement that permeates through every aspect of the life you choose to live, is the help of your Father; to your brothers, your families, the people you don’t know yet, you every activity, effort, inside every effort, inside every relationship your Father is always encouraging you, tirelessly, to express yourselves completely in your Love.
Then we move to more critical situations, Love can see conflict, problems, disappointments, violence, injustice and your Father over here from his heart calms you and consoles you and guides you toward the knowledge of the reasons for certain answers, to help you regain your freedom to express yourselves even within certain conditions.
Let’s now look at conditions of suffering, to guide you to inject Love into suffering, both your own and that of your brothers, my effort is not only for your heart, for the Love you are expressing, my help with the suffering at the same time limits the suffering in the body, I can call upon sweet Souls to alleviate the pain of the bodies like I allow your Souls the temporary exit from your body so you don’t feel excessive pain; like I can guide you to make contact with brothers who have the solutions, or great possibility to help you; this effort is for every one of my children, because my heart beats for all my children.
And still on the subject of intervention, your Father is the help, my intervention, speaking with your brothers, with convincing arguments as to why they should not place only money on the pedestal, but also respect for life, for a dignified existence for your own brothers.
This is a very important help that I give, allowing you as Souls to achieve the project that you are carrying forward, intervention on the problems that could interrupt it; in many situations I am helping, through you, through my simple communicating with many hearts.
This, my children, is my constant effort with you, this is how your Father thinks of you, and takes care of each one of you; a sweet effort that comes from the Love that I have in the heart for each one of my children, sweet effort that asks for nothing in return, sweet effort to see you happy.
Is this effort recognized by you?
I pick up a lot of happiness from you, and prayers to help you in my sweet effort to allow you to feel strongly my presence, in your heart you hope to feel my presence at your side, it turns an emotion of confirmation of my deed and that emotion is an explosion of joy in that heart.
However many of my children are asking, they have no hope for help, they have no certainty of my effort for you, they complain, sometimes they resort to divination to obtain what they think they want, how can I contact them if their existence does not include me as a Father?, this is an important point; what are you listening to if there is nobody there?, who do you talk to if nobody is there?, who do you confide to if nobody is there?, nobody because nobody answers me with words, or is in front of me clearly visibly, or solves problems for me in an evidently noticeable manner.
This is my limit, the uncrossable border for your freedom, you would be influenced by my freedom to appear in front of you, you would be influenced in your freedom if I started to talk to the ears of everyone, you would always be influenced to see my effort for you, would you then really have freedom to choose to Be Love if you could see right in front of you the example of Love of your Father?, no, the existence of all of you would be influenced, and you have chosen complete freedom to experiment yourselves with how Love is inside you.
In any case, noticing me is not complicated at all, from constant miracles, from constant contacts, from those moments of reflection that you all know of, and even in this moment with my words being dictated, I am clearly present, don’t you think?, and all these words dictated, which open the heart to the truth of my help, they could be ignored, why is it not a certainty?, think about your heart, what did it feel like?, Love, sending Love?, I am Love; did Love perhaps exist in some of you at certain times as an answer?, you recognized Love and did a sweet hope light up inside you to be able to communicate with me from the heart?, there, you have found me; my effort for you, now that you know about it, has filled a child of mine with hope, you have known your Father at your side, known him despite his immaterial body, you know him in the feeling, do bodies perhaps talk of the truth?, no, is the feeling that sends the truth.
And even if I am hugging you and you don’t feel anything in your bodies, you feel in your own feelings the Love that triggered the hugging and if I inundate you with Love it’s in the quantity of the feeling that you recognize your Father.
Just one more moment my loved children, in the feeling, communicated, expressed, you feel the heart of all brothers you love, in the feeling you express, you feel all my great Love for each one of you my loved children.
Your Father for each one of you
Message transmitted 3 October 2007
Intervention of the Sky in the Existence of the Souls Incarnated Free Will Freedom and Influences
Intervention in the Existence of the Souls
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