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To Conquer the Love that is Inside You

To Conquer the Love that is Inside You a Path of Growth Starting from your Own Heart
To Conquer the Love that is Inside You : my much loved children, may this message reach your heart and bring awareness of the Love that beats inside you and push you to the search of a complete expression of yourselves; despite the fact that silence sometimes can be a sign of pause, of waiting, of a stop in your search, often silence is expression of a great movement, a great concentration on the heart, a knowing discovery of the Love that a sweet Soul has inside, a discovery that develops moment after moment, when listening to his own Love; this is to conquer the Love that is inside you.
As he pays attention to his own heart, this sweet Soul picks up on every stimulus that contemplates the heart, to hear, to feel it answer back, to experiment, to reflect, to be, and embraced in his own heart, he conquers Love.
Why is this movement lived in silence?, it’s not words that express themselves, or ask themselves questions, it’s only the hearing and feeling that asks questions and receives answers.
How can I hear myself if my mind is full of questions that seek answers on the outside?, how can I hear myself if I deny my heart to communicate about itself, about the sweet Love that I assume is inside me?, how can I hear myself if the fear of making a mistake, of being disappointed, speaks very loudly to me? So I seek externally for an element that could reassure me and the feelings I am experiencing are evident to others but not to myself, and if asking my request for help to others takes a little bit of time, it’s always better than turning the attention on to me in case I am mistaken.
Brothers then take on other roads, many roads are so fascinating that they stimulate you to take them, but what kind of answers do these roads give to my brothers?, they could give no answer to me if inside my heart I am not paying attention to all the Love that is waiting to be discovered by me, I change roads, the problem continues, where is the difference if the attitude that was adopted is always the same?, sometimes many disappointments have at their origin exactly the non-listening to the heart that beats inside it.
How strange, the brothers are gradually happier and happier, they let go of past thoughts and they open up to the discovery of the truth, experiences of joy are replacing them, why is that?, what is wrong with me?, am I incapable?, do I perhaps have a closed heart, and why does it not open up?, and more questions, presumed questions, and once again it is not understood that it’s only the listening to your own heart that can represent that little luminous dot from which everything then is born.
You are all immersed in the same truth, knowledge is open to everyone, conquering is a possibility for all, you just need to start from the heart, this is the only answer.
Every stimulus that involves the heart becomes a possibility to know that little dot, which is called Love; every moment between you involves the heart, it’s a stimulus to recognize yourselves in the Love; every sweet stimulus that involves Love is an occasion to know the intensity of the Love that is inside you and every stimulus becomes awareness of the Love that is inside you.
Now I explained what I mean by ‘embraced to your own heart’, that sensitivity to listening to yourselves in every moment where the heart, reached by a certain stimulus, talks to you about itself.
You just need to listen to yourselves and in a short time you will clearly notice that the little dot is now a sphere that as it increases in size, aims at being able to be an answer of Love to every stimulus, being able to be an answer of Love even to complex stimuli, being able to be an answer of Love even willing to be the only one.
You understand why in the silence this project can proceed, it’s because of this knowledge, as it always is the case with every true knowledge, it’s necessary to listen, stopping the mind and listening, not guessing but listening, not anticipating but listening, not preceding words, but listening to the emotion transmitted.
And this is how you conquer Love, by listening, embraced in your heart, to all the variations of the feeling that is expressed inside you.
Many words can distract you, taking on the paths of your brothers can lead you to exactly the same point you started from, in silence you discern the truth of these words, do you doubt your ability to listen to yourselves?, try it, and embraced in your heart, try for a little while; the answers will be beautiful, the Love that is inside you will begin to manifest itself to you too, through this experience, and in these moments you will notice you took on a path of growth, starting from your own heart and with a smile you will notice that the Love that is inside you and even in your brothers will shine inside you, from a small dot to a great start and all this just through listening to yourselves.
Now I will leave you to conquer the silence inside you, and I kiss you with this great immense Love that is inside me, I listen to it, it’s all my heart, swollen with Love for each one of you my loved children.
From awareness, your Father
Message sent 7th October 2007
To Conquer the Love that is Inside You a Path of Growth Starting from your Own Heart
To Conquer the Love that is Inside You
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