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Message from Jesus Your Father is with you

Message from Jesus Christ Your Father is with you Messages of Spiritual Growth
Message from Jesus Your Father is with you : my loved brothers and my loved sisters, my heart is exploding with joy at meeting with you, you know, in the past I used to be next to the Father who would be dictating, and my heart would listen, and it always wanted to speak, add a little greeting, express itself and say ‘listen very carefully’, making examples to explain everything that the Father was proposing, and my heart would get excited with every message; however, the Father, who loves me, sometimes would give me a smile, sometimes would ask for my advice, sometimes he would say "be patient, your time will come", until the last message where he communicated "now you take the lead and guide your brothers, so that their Love can express itself more and more", and the joy from this message was so great that for a long time my heart was in ecstasy for the entire duration of the message and now I am with you with great happiness in my heart; I look around and I see the Father smiling and sending me words of Love, the child conducting his own first dictation is a child who rediscovered in his heart the Love that I donated to him, and this is the wonderful journey of every sweet child of mine, He wants to help, wants to lead his existence with all of the Love that is inside him, a brother who wants to help each brother feel himself as Love, completely, like he perceives himself and makes himself available with all of his heart for this sweet commitment.
And when the Father looks at me that way, I feel each one of his children inside me, I feel inside me the great Love that the Father has for all of his children, and I am here in front of his eyes but so are also all of you, brothers and sisters.
I know that the message of the Father for each one of his children is to be His Love, Love of a child for this Father, and I know that accepting the concept of being his Love is important for a child, but sometimes it can be complicated for a child to notice that the Love that feeds the Father is immense.
Many situations of suffering, many problems, unfulfilled needs can bring someone to push away the Love of the Father, to not feeling loved inside their heart, and even if experience teaches you that all difficulties arise from your brothers, there is always inside the heart the conviction that freeing from all this pain is the proof of your real existence inside his heart.
This thought is so common, you think that freeing yourselves is the measure of his Love for you.
And when the freedom does not arrive, now the Love of the Father is questioned, despite the fact that he comes personally and talks to your heart, you have doubts over the Love of your Father.
This is understandable, if you switch off listening heeding inside your heart to the many difficulties, how can you understand his help?, nevertheless the help is always there, unheeded, but it’s always there.
Why is the heart not felt during moments of difficulty?, it’s also because you do not believe that Love is the most important resource for change; you have a heart that expresses itself, but during the most important moments you use your head and not your heart; intelligence, knowledge, the many dynamics of knowledge of this and that brother, imposing your reasoning, all this places distance inside your heart.
However, intelligence and knowledge, if enriched with the heart, produce change.
When you think of a solution, allow yourselves to listen to your heart; how you communicate, or the kind of affection you use to communicate your reasons can change how your message is received; brothers know that the same reasons can be accepted according the affection with which they are presented. If done with authority, you give strength to the message, but it’s only with Love that the message creates change.
Come on, sweet ones, think back to events in your life where a message produced a real change, was that message shouted?, no?, was the message imperceptible?, no; was that message written between tears?, no, not always, was that message from another brother?, no, if time has gone past.
No, it’s up to you to communicate the message with conviction that reason can be welcomed as long as it is a message that goes from one heart to another.
Over time all of you have experimented this and observed that the conditions changed, and now your brother is here to remind you that it was exactly Love that allowed the change and that is reminding you to believe in the real possibility for change that the heart has, and to remind you that change has its strength in his heart.
You can therefore free yourselves, face every difficulty by listening to your heart speaking to you, this heart that creates change, this heart where your Father placed all of his Love, this heart in contact with him and with the entire Sky to find the solution to your problems, this heart that knows constant presence of his Love.
Brothers, is it difficult to experiment yourselves as a loved child?, if the heart is open, it’s a constant presence.
My loved brothers and my loved sisters, intuition pushes me to remind you of the title of the wonderful message that the Father dictated to you on his contact with your heart, "toward the light, toward Love", don’t’ wait, go and read it again with calm and with a lot of attention. It is a fundamental message to live yourselves as Love, the Love of your Father.
I love you, I love you very much also, I love you with all of myself and helping yourself is a great joy for me.
With all of my heart
Your brother Jesus Christ
Message transmitted 12th November 2007
Message from Jesus Christ Your Father is with you Messages of Spiritual Growth
Message from Jesus Your Father is with you
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