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Humanity the Walk of Humanity the Growth

Humanity the Walk of Humanity the Growth of Everyone the Future Progress Change Evolution
Humanity the Walk of Humanity the Growth : my loved, sweetest children, here I am among you with my heart, to speak to you one last time about Love, of your brothers, of the project that you all carry inside your heart toward this life, and then we will say goodbye; your brother Jesus will continue to dictate for you, to help you, to love you, his heart is full to the brim with joy for this decision, because he loves all his brothers and his precious existence is entirely to help them.
I took this decision in full respect of the heart of my child, and the joy he is expressing is his thank you.
Let’s now continue, my children, because I want to speak some more from this Sky directly to all you.
I am very happy of what has been the fruit of my contact with all of you, and I understood many times how the Love of the Father, hearing me speak, has been the carrier of joy into the heart of my children; with all my Love I brought knowledge to you, but maybe the words that I said, however important, where felt less strongly when compared to my great Love as I dictated them; for you my great Love is so important to feel and my Love is what I expressed to you through all those pages. I know that the arrival on earth of a condition of Love similar to our Sky is still very far away, but it’s up to you to continue with the journey, by engaging all your emotions, in the walk of humanity; many brothers before you carried their Love among their brothers, now it’s you, in the future other brothers will carry their feelings, let’s all contribute to the growth of everyone and at the moment you will be in the Sky and you will participate in helping them, but some of you my children will ask themselves “why was I so reluctant to give my Love, only my Love that I now use here in the Sky, I brought some help, but why did I not use it on earth, it could have been very helpful”.
Intervening from the Sky is very difficult, you already know the reasons, the invisibility of it, the words that express the feeling are dictated to the hearts but are unintelligible to the ears, and all those doubts that every manifestation brings to the brothers, come on, be patient, it will be an experience of the Sky to be deemed either dead or non-existent, but you will help anyway because in our Sky your Love, confirmed by the presence of all of us, will bring an explosion, and you will use your Love all the time to communicate with others.
However, sweet children, if your future will probably be this, like for other brothers in the past, today you are now alive on earth and you can bring a lot more Love among brothers than you will be able to do in the future.
These brothers all around you, they are all your brothers, let’s accept the truth before the light will confirm it, every progress you made, sweet children, was done through Love, every change was made with Love, every evolution was brought about through Love.
Today there are many of my children who make contact with our dimension, go ahead and contact them, there are countless of them, all over the world, and around these brothers there are even more brothers who are uniting, they have a sweet task, by learning, of understanding how much Love can do, how it can change, how it can create evolution and how much each one of you, my children, is able to transform this earth into a Paradise that is more and more similar to our own.
This is the task for each one of you, experimenting yourselves as you grow with Love and experimenting yourselves with other brothers means carrying Love to those brothers; all interactions are more important, extremely important to experiment yourselves, extremely important to send your Love, every moment of life is extremely important, in every condition it’s very important to experiment yourselves both in the Love that you truly are, every moment, every beat of your heart is an opportunity to exist as Love and this is what you are today, my precious children, in reality, here and now, expressing your feelings; it’s you, my dear and precious children, who are participating to the growth of the Love of the world and it’s you, always you, my precious children, who bring evolution in the Love between your own brothers, right now.
I will conclude this message with my heart full of joy, many of you feel a stimulus by hearing my words, but it’s your Love that is pushing to reveal itself to you all and to the entire world.
My sweet child, let’s prepare to help them, and from today it will be you who will spend your time speaking to your brothers, always be a beacon to them, an example with this sweet Love that explodes into your heart, and prepare for the future, by loving every one of your brothers in today’s times.
Your mission is to bring your Love among all brothers, like you did over the course of your life on earth, always have respect and understanding, your brothers are growing and many errors may be made, however, teach from your heart what the existence in Paradise is like when Love guides your steps, and then harvest the joy of the successes of my children, bring me so much happiness from the world, I will help you in silence, forever embraced to each one of my children
Your Father is leaving, I will say goodbye with hope inside my heart, hope in you and hope in my child.
Your Father, who loves each one of you
Message transmitted 7th November 2007
Humanity the Walk of Humanity the Growth of Everyone the Future Progress Change Evolution
Humanity the Walk of Humanity the Growth
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