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Experience of Contact with the All

Experience of Contact with the All Soul and Universe Emotions and Energy
Experience of Contact with the All Soul and Universe : my loved, my sweet children, today let’s talk about the heart, of the container for your Love; many of your brothers think that the heart is located inside the muscle that beats and allows you to exist, because with every beat you notice an impression of an emotion; the heart beats faster when it feels Love, slower when there is pain inside you, but these are only consequences of your emotions upon the heart beat, so, where are the emotions actually located?
Your entire being is an emotion, remember that your entire being is always emotion; the smallest single cell sends its emotional status to the heart; the smallest thought is registered by your smallest cell and its state is modified, its transmission to the heart; you feel the beating of your heart, but in reality it’s your whole body that is feeling it; the body expands, beyond the limits of the body that you can conceive today with the physical eyes, and it seems to rarefy towards the frontiers, merging into a kind of knitting that unites all of you; through that knitting you attract energy toward you and through that knitting you send energy.
These energies that flow at all time are not only, as you believe, energies of your loved ones, of your closest brothers, the energy that comes to you is a great energy that comes for all brothers, from the Sky, from the entire universe, because you are in touch with the All; every brother is in touch with the All, every Soul is in touch with the All.
During your experience of contact with the All, you receive and send experience; every single experience sends you what you learn, think, and what thoughts you are sending, what you live, and you send experience and you send all your achievements through this network, this knitting, to the entire universe.
What you send to others is very valuable to them, to all other people, to All, it’s as if you made the experience you achieved available to everybody, to All.
I know that many of you think of interferences of non-positive energy coming from your brothers or from the entire universe, from the Cosmos, from All, but this does not correspond to the truth, the same energy that you utilize to live, as you produce it yourselves, is the energy that permeates every single cell in your body and in which you are totally immersed, the energy it produces is the energy that you have inside you and that surrounds you; many times you think of situations where you assign to other people the responsibility for something that you made yourselves, the non-Love is the result of such energy opposed to Love that you yourselves mobilized.
Let’s make an example so you can understand, think of violence, rage in your eyes, you produce violence, Love around you has disappeared, you fill every cell with your non-Love and in your heart you send the energy of every cell, and anger and violence surround you as you breathe; at that moment for the other brothers around you often the only answer is silence, because the contact with non Love produces silence into the heart, but when faced with silence, you take that silence as an additional proof and you add further rage and violence and very soon, by breathing violence and anger, if there is no Love being expressed by anybody, there is a risk that your life for you will be a constant experience of violence and anger; this is the reason for my advice, be always aware of what you are producing, of the energy you are producing, that transforms itself like emotions from inside your cells to your heart; stop that process by asking all of us, who are connected to you, for an experience of Love in any sweet form, to allow your heart an experience of Love that will then change yours to produce energy.
When faced with non-Love, ask for Love, you are then changing the energy, by resorting to the experience of Love it will produce renewed Love inside you and life will once again be an experience of Love that you are experimenting.
This example was necessary because you are not aware that the energy you carry is energy that returns to you and often you think that you are a victim of the energy that comes from inside you, but it’s actually produced by yourselves, therefore my sweet children, erase the belief in you that it’s other people, sometimes fate, that are against you, and concentrate on your heart by asking yourselves “where is the Love that I carry inside?”, reflection that transforms the energy produced, concentrate on your heart and ask us for help and accept every experience of Love necessary to the transformation of your energy, awareness in accepting the experience of Love as a help, it’s exactly the experience of Love that will modify your energy.
A big kiss to everyone, an experience of Love to help you, my children, to regain Love and to shine in all of your beauty, a big kiss with all of my heart, my sweet children, my sweet treasures that I always want to be forever happy.
With all of my heart
Your Father
Message dictated 4th November 2007
Experience of Contact with the All Soul and Universe Emotions and Energy
Experience of Contact with the All Soul and Universe
Experience of Contact with the All
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