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Celebration of Death Celebration of Life

Celebration of Death Celebration of Life Passage from Earth to the Sky Life Continues on in the Sky
Celebration of Death Celebration of Life : my sweet children here we are to a new appointment, you often celebrate death, there are many occasions, first of all the funeral, the death after a certain period, the festivity of November 2nd, for this reason I come to you to tell you that you celebrate death, and daily moments where you celebrate death, every time you go to the cemetery you celebrate death, every effort to make a grave look prettier is a celebration of death, every occasion where flowers or sacred objects are placed inside a house in front of the picture of your loved ones is celebration of death.
What about celebration of life?.
I can feel that my words raise questions inside your hearts ‘Is it possible that the Father does no feel that, to us, these moments are important to renew the Love inside our heart for this brother or sister who is now in the Sky?’.
Correct, in the Sky is where they are, so why do you look at that tomb as if your loved one was still in his body?, why do you look at that picture with a feeling inside your heart of great distance, of a right interruption, which in your eyes is permanent, before your reuniting again?, and why do these functions transform the pain into acceptance of those who have departed, who are actually forever?.
Did your Love stop beating inside your heart because of this distance?, no, every thought you have for your loved one is the renewal of your Love, you feel Love inside your heart renewing itself with every contact with object, experiences, communication, and every aspect of life that reminds you of your loved one, it’s a renewal of the feeling of Love inside you, you feel in the heart that your Love will be forever inside you, to renew itself, and through the memories, the reliving of the moment of this Love that is interrupted.
You feel all this inside your heart, but you feel that you are the only ones feeling it, or that the Love you felt could only remain among brothers who are still on earth.
And how do you visualize the Sky?, sleeping brothers, asleep and without feelings?.
You just need to look at this Sky, with the eyes of who is speaking to you, to see that this place is full of life, this Sky is one big emotion, sweet Souls are always moving through these places and are always building experiences through Love, even meeting each other is an experience of contact with the Love of the other because, over here, living the emotion is everything.
Now, do you still think that your loved ones, who are living their sweet feelings every moment of this experience, may not feel inside themselves the Love that bonded the two of you?, why do you erase the feeling your heart felt from your loved ones?, they live in the feeling, so why do you keep celebrating death when the life is in the Sky?, why do you concentrate your whole attention on taking care of the grave instead of looking at the Sky and thinking inside your eyes “that’s his new home”, and finally, why do you erase a loved one from your present when your love one sweetly takes care of you from the Sky?.
Look, in a moment a heart flutters, life, life that carries on, affection, affection that carries on, Love, where does Love go?, it continues on in this Sky.
That flutter of the heart, my sweet and loved children, is the truth, it’s truth that shows itself to your hearts, it’s truth, finally truth for your many hearts.
And now that I have helped you feel in the hearts this sweet truth, I turn my eyes, I want to describe to you what I have in front of me, there is a soul next to me who is thinking about how to help you, it’s the sweet Virgin Mary who consecrated her existence to help you, and every moment of her life is for you, she always places so much effort and so much Love in what she does, and also at my side is my son, who chose to help you understand that the Sky is like a big house, to which death leads to, a house with the Father, finally illuminated by his great Love; and again many creatures are here with me, if you could see their hearts beating with Love for you, then there are Angels and the sweet creatures that at every appointment want to listen to what I will dictate together with you, this is the atmosphere that surrounds me right at this moment, and they are hearts that think about you with much Love, right now a song and some screaming of children playing happily, this is the Paradise, for you every moment is Love, even in that little creature that right now is playing, the heart now is in contact of Love with his or her parents on earth, and this is what he feels inside his heart, every beat of your own heart, every emotion, every thought, is in constant contact with the Love of all of you; this is everybody’s experience, every person you love is in constant contact with your hearts.
Always, and always, reuniting each other will be the experience for every single one of my children.
Separation is only time, but when the time comes your own eyes will look from the Sky upon those people you will leave behind, and if you knew how great is the Love that you will feel when you look at earth, so many people trying to raise their eyes as they seek you because they know your home is in the Sky, and in your eyes is the joy of helping because by accepting your death they can think of you as being in Paradise.
Starting from now, go ahead and erase death, life is what opens up in the passage from earth to the Sky, sweet life where emotions lead your existence, and while the Angels are singing, we celebrate life, eternity that awaits every sweet Soul, life in Love, life in my Love and life in your Love.
From the Sky, forever, your Father
A goodbye from all of us together, a great Love that is always upon you.
Message transmitted 31st October 2007
Celebration of Death Celebration of Life Passage from Earth to the Sky Life Continues on in the Sky
Celebration of Death Celebration of Life
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