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Awareness the Point of the Evolution

Awareness the Point of the Evolution Journey Manifestations Grow with Awareness Incarnation on Earth
Awareness the Point of the Evolution : the light of my children is bigger and bigger, if you could see how much Love you project into the Sky from your heart, a beautiful light for your Father’s heart to see, from the heart you project a light of increasing intensity toward me, as you activate the Love inside you, your light is projected, and it’s more and more intense; I understand from the heart the enormous difficulty of existing among brothers who are very unaware of the project of Love that they themselves are carrying on during this incarnation on earth, but the awareness is exactly the point of the evolution.
On earth you seek many proofs of the existence of the Sky and throughout your journey I always place in front of your eyes the possibility to discover me. In front of your eyes and in front of your heart is where I place signs, for each one of you, in full respect of your journey I place signs for what you are seeking, sweet manifestations of the Angels if Angels is what you are looking for, manifestations of your loved ones if through the death, at the moment of the contact, you seek signs from them, in the contact with people if you seek confirmation with Souls who are very close to our Sky, and every other manifestation that is searched for every other journey.
It is important to know this, your journey determines the manifestations that your Sky will place in front of your eyes and heart, to help you grow with awareness.
And the journey after the manifestation is important.
I place in front of your eyes a proof of the existence of your loved ones, of the Sky, of your Angels, of the entire Creation, and it’s all for you, to help you with Love, in the absence of perception of your eyes and the unawareness of the constant contact with the Sky of your hearts.
At that moment, in front of your eyes, and in the explosion of joy of your heart, lies our confirmation.
How do you react?
Many of you when in contact with these proofs choose to carry on, the contact is the first of a series, a possibility that is opening up, knowledge that begins to manifest itself, Love that begins to speak about itself; and in the heart the hope of a contact that continues, in the recently undertaken search lies hope for continuity.
Your brothers do not feel, or better still do not listen to your hope, they believe that a sign may be even too much for a brother on earth, many people will be content with this possibility given to them, but there are many children who, over time, give up their search and convince themselves that what manifested itself was energy and not the proof of the constant presence of the Sky at your side.
My sweet children, let’s reflect, why would the Sky, who sees no other meaning other than to be of help to you, be so parsimonious with giving Love to all of you?, if in the Sky the act of helping gives meaning to everything we do, why hold back?, why should donating to each single child the proof of our existence end with one single proof?, if in the sky the true meaning lies in helping you in the growth of your own awareness, how is it possible to solve everything with one single action?.
My loved ones, you will agree with me, that it would be absurd for the Sky to expect one single experience to clear every doubt over our existence on earth, and at the same time giving awareness about every single small aspect of the Sky, and you will agree with me that the experience of the Sky very often will need to manifest to give some children proof they live in a world where the eyes do not have the ability to see us in our manifestations that happen in reality.
To the physical eyes, for example, seeing your Angels is practically impossible for many of you, but they are indeed at your side; the loved ones you await to see again after your physical death, they themselves are present at your side, for many of you they are invisible to your physical eyes; and my own presence is not perceivable to the physical eyes, but I am often with you.
Your hearts understand this, just like we understand that our presence needs proofs for you; this is the concept for which one single moment, one single proof, only has the meaning of being proof of existence, but just the first sweet proof of existence and so, my sweet children, do not become complacent, but seek out, often many proofs will be necessary, don’t become content with just that, research, communicate with others, don’t stop looking because our Sky, in the precise moment you see other proofs, is working hard to give you proofs to place in front of your eyes and your hearts.
Awareness means progressive acquisition and the Sky helps you with this progression.
However, the act of seeking out is your choice my loved children, if seeking out is your choice, giving you confirmations is the effort that the Sky feels inside the heart toward each one of you.
You perceive your desire from your heart, from the Sky we notice the necessity that your desire is expressing; may my Love confirm all the necessity you are expressing, may my Love confirm to all of you that Love is always with you, may my Love confirm that your need is necessary for your evolution, may my Love be a constant manifestation for your heart and for your physical eyes that do not see, may my Love give proof of itself.
Do not become complacent, allow my Love to manifest itself to my children.
With all of my Love
Continue to seek me out
Your Father
Message transmitted 28th October 2007
Awareness the Point of the Evolution Journey Manifestations Grow with Awareness Incarnation on Earth
Awareness the Point of the Evolution Journey Manifestations Grow with Awareness
Awareness the Point of the Evolution
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