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To the Discovery of the Sky Starting Point

To the Discovery of the Sky Starting Point the Heart Trust Cause and Effect in the Emotions Contact
To the Discovery of the Sky Starting Point : well, the contact of Love that was established between our loves shines with hope, and the joy of being once again together; through all these messages you make contact with our joy at being here with you, your joy at listening to us and being guided by our words to the discovery of the Sky, the Love that always accompanies you from this Sky, I know that you would like to feel me in many manifestations, to notice a constant presence next to you, more or less physically, however, as the Sky donated to you the freedom of perceiving our own essence, it can not transmit to you any other way other than from the heart.
Nevertheless, my children, the heart does allow for the recognition and perception that so many people do not have in their eyes and their senses.
This freedom I donated to you becomes a search for me from the heart, and finding me is an experience of the heart.
I know that among you there is always an increasing desire for a more intense contact, well, I am happy about this my children, because it’s through the heart that we will be able to experiment.
Soon there will be many of my children listening to my words, my emotion and my direct help, but first of all let’s clarify the starting point, the heart.
Your heart is constantly in contact with me, and through your heart is how we communicate; this really happens even without your awareness of it, your heart can not relate to your mind the content of what we exchange.
And this is a start, trust me as I communicate to you that in the heart there is a constant exchange between us, now, accepting this means freedom to believe in me or not, but then very soon your ability to hear me will make your choice of today very concrete, real, almost physical.
In order to be able to hear me in the heart you need to pay attention, constant attention to the feeling that moves within you, you notice it, initially it will be an impression, that the heart is very busy during your daily lives, it’s always sensitive to everything that surrounds you, it reacts at the slightest stimulus by producing an emotion.
As you listen to your emotion you will soon be able to notice your emotions at the moment they manifest, emotions that have a cause, right at that moment, and emotions that react to that moment, cause and effect in the emotions of your heart, over time you will be able to question yourselves over the emotions you inspire as an answer to the emotions of the stimulation, always learning, from the heart, about aspects of you that are often unknown, reflection will bring you to solve certain aspects with which you have been unconsciously living, that are the product of your culture, of your education, of the fears instilled into you.
Once freed, the heart will be able to truly resume its manifestation in all of the Love that I placed inside you, at that point you will experience new emotions manifesting, stronger emotions that speak of Love, you will notice that when you are in touch with your heart the joy will manifest, a happiness as you feel part of a heart that is very much alive, and then sweet hope in the continuation of your journey to make even stronger contact with these beautiful emotions you have recently discovered, this reinforcing of your listening will make you realize that there are emotions inside the heart that seem to go in parallel to your own emotions.
And this is how the conscious contact with me begins, by listening even more carefully to the intensity of your emotions, you will notice if the emotion of your Father is right next to your own emotions as it amplifies your own, or if your own emotion is there, but not mine, over time, by scanning your heart, perhaps you will notice a specific condition, your emotion being opposite to my own, sadness as opposed to consolation, desire as opposed to hesitancy, freedom instead of constriction, and so on.
You notice your emotions, with much attention you will touch my own emotions, and you will reflect as to why your Father can see happiness where you see fears, or maybe freedom instead of obstacles, and as you listen to my emotion, through your heart, for example in the form of images, I will give you the reasons why, it will be like a dialogue that takes place inside the heart through emotions, here your donated freedom will always allow to either follow my emotions or stop at your own, in your life the choice is yours, I come to give you help in the heart, right then just like in many other moments, but the choice is yours, a choice that I always respect.
There are no consequences, my Love is in helping you, but the choice is yours, and so is the life that you build, it’s a little bit like a lighthouse that illuminates, you see it, but do you reach it?, it depends on you. Knowing me is like seeing that lighthouse.
Over time on occasions you will be surprised by the sweet emotions that will manifest inside you in certain moments, my help is also in communicating to you how much Love I am feeling for you, and I don’t need a reason for it other than just to tell you.
So, let’s start, you are unaware of the constant contact between us inside your heart. In your heart we communicate all the time and through the emotions you will become aware of my heart, do you accept this truth?, the choice is yours.
With all my Love
Your Father
Message transmitted 24th October 2007
To the Discovery of the Sky Starting Point the Heart Trust Cause and Effect in the Emotions Contact
To the Discovery of the Sky Starting Point the Heart Trust Cause and Effect
To the Discovery of the Sky Starting Point
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