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Passion the Passion concentrated into a Project Passion and Feeling Passion in Transit Effort

Passion the Passion concentrated into a Project Passion and Feeling Passion in Transit Effort
Sweet and loved children, the passion I feel in my heart as I approach your hearts is enormous, I feel so much Love when I am in contact with you, a passion as an opportunity to express the great affection of my heart for each one of you.
And today I would like to talk to you about passion.
Passion is felt inside the heart and it’s all concentrated into one project, I would really like to love right now, I would like to help that person, I would like to solve that situation with all my Love, I would like to do that task with all of myself, I would like to help those people with their existence thanks to the Love that I have felt beating inside for them.
Passion, this is passion, the sweet beating that comes from the heart and brings you to act by helping others, with the intention of placing my same feeling of Love inside their hearts.
This is what passion aims at, placing into the hearts of other people the fantastic sensation that the heart is feeling.
Passion means to be a heart that yearns to let another heart feel this precious emotion.
Feelings, in the heart there are only feelings, the expression is the feeling of the Love of that heart.
You expect the feeling inside the other person, the same feeling, because you know you have Love in common, you know your own same Love is present inside the heart of other people, it’s a knowledge you carry inside you, the same Love that manifests inside you is the same love of your travel companions on earth and it’s the same Love of the sweet Souls that right now are in our Paradise.
And when you claim freedom, justice and Love among you, you talk of Passion.
In the time, in the experience you notice the passion that pushes others to create opportunities to create these feelings for others, associations, initiatives, meetings, they are passions in transit. Even a house is a passion in transit because it means that, from love you are creating a condition of stability in which to live, a feeling of belonging for everyone and then there are more complex projects, more oriented toward brothers, so many brothers are busy for the famous freedom for all, for peace and for conditions that respect the justice for all brothers, the effort and the projects for world hunger, the effort of many against the war, the weapons and all messages that can push toward progress of respect for everyone, starting with the smallest ones.
What you have in front of your eyes is passion, my children.
Love as expression of those hearts that all together bring you the project into to world for you.
Brothers that put Love from the heart also for you, because they know very well that your heart is identical to their heart. The effort is to send all of you their same feeling. Success brings so much joy inside you, success that is the product for the passion of the Love deployed, felt, inside them.
The passion is the effort, and bringing your own feeling of the heart, your own Love, to all hearts means that they may feel in their emotions the Love manifesting inside them.
There is no passion that does not have inside it the Love dedicated to other hearts.
And even my passion is dedicated to all your hearts.
And being here among you is passion for me. Speaking and always being available is passion for me. Accompanying you and welcoming you is passion for me, being gentle and loving you with respect, and helping you and welcoming your prayers and placing all of myself for your happiness is the manifestation of all the passion I have inside my heart, at all times, for each one of my children, my loved children that I keep in the heart as my most precious good.
My entire passion is for you my sweet children. Passion that encourages your heart to experiment itself as passion in transit, encouraging people to feel the emotion in its expression, in donating themselves to others, in building conditions of happiness for their hearts, conditions in which Love is expressed, conditions of Love always between you brothers, conditions in which Love wins.
May this Father be an example of effort and passion for you, may your Father collect Love from what he donated from the passion of his heart, and may the heart of all of you shine with the feeling, like the heart that the Father gives with passion.
In the infinity of my Love, may your heart be full to the brim with my great joy at loving you.
With all of myself
For you, always, your Father
Message transmitted 21st October 2007
Title Passion the Passion concentrated into a Project Passion and Feeling Passion in Transit Effort
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