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Sin and Love The Road of the Heart Teaching

Sin and Love The Road of the Heart Teaching about Sin Progress and Illusion Illnesses Need
Sin and Love The Road of the Heart Teaching : from the heart, every moment, Love beats inside you, it’s an immense feeling that I feel inside my heart, my children, and every message born from my heart exists to dedicate to you the great Love I feel for you; in the garden of my heart there is hope that all of you may feel the Love I send you, inside every single word is the beating of my heart, happy to Love; feel your Father carrying his Love to you inside his heart, what a sweet experience it is to feel loved in this way, my dear ones, this is the exact feeling that beats inside for you.
I know, you are used to thinking about me, or so they taught you, as being very unhappy, like when I see those hearts committing sins, they taught you that omission is a sin for me, and what about the lies and the hearts that choose bad things?, they did not teach you that my heart beats for every one of my children, they did not teach you that every child is precious for me, they did not teach you that al lof my help for everyone is always from my own heart; this is the missing teaching, as a result of which, today, a child of mine commits a sin but I know that over time all of you, all of these hearts I love, will come toward me, toward my Love and sin will no longer be chosen when Love can help you find the road of the heart and this is what it will be for me, moment after moment, a joy, a happiness for my child who seeked me out and found Love for his heart.
Why a teaching about sin?, over the course of time a gradual distance from inside the heart manifested itself, and even the progress has its share of fault, the material eyes, the dominance over certain processes of nature, they produced a gradual distancing from the original reason, and in a short time even the progress became a carrier of illusion that you may be the creators; all this places distance inside the heart; now your lives are full of progress, you spend hours working to have access to things that progress makes available to you, your house is now complete, with objects, with technology, but were are all of you?, at work, to be able to afford all these things; you are far away from your heart and you don’t even notice it but then the ill-being that you sometimes feel, that need for life, that need to be calm and serene, that need for contact with the truth of other people, they are all illnesses that wish to remind you that there is a heart inside you, a great need for peace, for authenticity, not just in your affections but also in life itself.
In this context you read a message, first surprise, the Father speaking, second surprise, he speaks to you about Love and there you are, you watch your world built without you collapsing in an instant.
But this emotion you send, that speaks to me, is it really Love?, and in your heart comes sweetness as an answer, this sweetness I feel means that my heart is feeling a voice that speaks to me with Love, this is the explanation to what I am feeling and I listen to another message, and once again comes the confirmation of sweetness inside my heart; and then another, and another, and finally I can feel what is being sent to me, what his great Love is sending, and it’s sent for me too, I am also a beat of the heart as one of his children, one of his creatures, the words I hear him say ‘dear’, ‘sweetest’ and most importantly ‘loved child’ apply to me too and in my heart I notice the joy I feel when I hear Him call me ‘loved child’ and my heart is now listening and is giving me confirmation of the voice of the father, of his Love for me, so let’s listen, he is teaching with much respect for each one of us, he is teaching Love.
Suddenly in front of my eyes comes my life, Love, when was the last time I felt like loving?, and memories flood my mind, suddenly the joy, the memory, the situation, who I was loving and how alive I felt, it was a long time ago, what happened to the life?, I spent a lot of time without emotion, could I have make a mistake?, could today’s smile in my heart be the way to the right path?, good, let’s start with this smile, today I learned how sweet it is to feel the heart smile, tomorrow another smile, regaining life, and why not?, He dictated tons of messages, regaining life, I can try it by counting on his Love.
And the heart of your Father is happy in the Sky, one of his sweet children, one of his creatures surrendered to his Father, they are moments of happiness for me, in a heartbeat there is more happiness, that heartbeat is my child, in that heartbeat there is more happiness for all of my heart; even if it’s just a heartbeat, the joy shines inside the entire heart, and in that heartbeat lies the rediscovered Love and in that heartbeat of a child lies the joy of your Father.
You now understand why I don’t cry like others taught you, I await the return of every heartbeat back to the Love, I await the Love with every beat of my heart, every one of my children to Love.
A child can give so much joy, through the act of loving you favour the return to Love and this is the need I have, loving yourselves with all of your heart, in sweetness, in the effort for each one of you, to help you find Love again inside my immense heart.
Come on, reclaim your life, in the Love of the heart is your existence.
Me, for you
Your Father
Message transmitted 17th October 2007
Sin and Love The Road of the Heart Teaching about Sin Progress and Illusion Illnesses Need
Sin and Love The Road of the Heart Teaching
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