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Feeling of Life Close Link Between Life

Feeling of Life Close Link Between Life and Love Search Discovery of Life Feeling and Real Life
Feeling of Life Close Link Between Life : my children, my loved and sweet children, I am with you to help you use your heart in every moment of your existence, help you use your Love at all times is the task that I am very happy to do, for you, experimenting yourselves is the reason of your lives and for me helping you with this project is the reason for my life, at all times you can be Love, happy to express yourselves from your heart; start by noticing yourselves, you are creatures of your Father, the body is a gift of your brothers on earth, but you are my children. I created you, my sweet children, with all my heart just for you, to be an expression of the great Love that I placed inside your heart; you love, and the moment you love you sweetly feel life flowing through you, life, what is life if not the joy of feeling as if you are an emotion, an expression of your own feeling?, every little kiss is life, expression of the Love that beats inside you at that moment; every hardship erases the expression of your Love because it’s a feeling, you carry an expression of your feeling; and even pain erases your feeling because you feel Love inside you, an expression of that moment you felt and it deletes the pain and the life you experienced in the feeling of Love.
You all have in your heart the same quantity of Love of your Father.
My children, always see yourselves as Love donated to you by my infinite Love.
Every child of mine has had an experience of the Love that he has inside, but many of my children hide the Love they have inside because they do not understand that life, the feeling of life, is an expression of itself from the heart, in the moment you love; in the exact moment you love, a feeling of joy and life is expressed in you.
Why don’t many of my children place limits to the expression of themselves?, Love, loving people, dedicating themselves to others, may they be strangers or people we know, this is what gaining experience of life inside you means; they understood the close link between life and Love, an expression of themselves and life in themselves and like I taught you, with the expression of yourselves, of life within Love, your existence becomes a search of a complete expression of yourselves, it becomes a search of how much Love I donated to you, how much Love I placed in your heart, and during that search is the discovery of life in every possibility.
My sweet children, an example for you of research on how the heart can exist even far away from the Sky and can exist by loving.
The Love donated to a brother is the same Love donated to each one of my children, a sweet child of mine experiences it, another brother is thinking about living it more and more, another brother unfortunately feels different and chooses the impossibility instead of making his heart available.
Differences between you where the issue is not the gift that I donated to you, but the possibility you give to yourselves for life inside you.
The situations around you are an alibi, I have watched brothers give love with all of themselves when they chose to express themselves, and I can assure you that the expression of yourselves will never find any obstacles in the situation present, for as long as the heart chooses to truly be itself in your existence.
My children, look at yourselves through the eyes of the heart, do you really believe that the expression of the feeling inside you could really exist without your choice to express life within Love?.
You are faced with so many opportunities, and it’s always up to you to choose the expression of yourselves in the life of Love.
Opportunities you see, opportunities for choice, and life hides inside opportunities at all times; loving, experimenting yourselves, living, it’s a choice you make each time, life is a choice you make every time, expressing a feeling inside you to others, you choose this every time.
Life, sweet life within feelings, means to be yourselves inside your heart, in the passion of Love, passion for an existence that placed in front of you countless opportunities to be a feeling and to be real life.
It’s life, real life, in front of your eyes you notice how much Love you carry inside you and living in that feeling means discovering constantly how great this gift I gave you is; increasingly sweet feelings is what you feel, and this heart that sends you life expresses inside you complete Love.
This is life, Love that reflects its potential at all times, and that encourages meetings to live this potential, and new Love is revealed to you, and you seek new opportunities.
This is life.
If you think about it, I know that thinking about living this way is your great dream, happy with life, life in Love, look at yourselves, you can have this life for yourselves, it’s a choice of life to live in Love, this could be your life starting from today, if you choose life within Love from the heart.
And I will only reap happiness from the heart of you my loved children, a lot of happiness for the Love that is inside you.
That great happiness to bring this gift that your Father gave you out of Love.
A gift of Love to be Love.
With all my hope, with my infinite Love
Your Father
Message sent 14th October 2007
Feeling of Life Close Link Between Life and Love Search Discovery of Life Feeling and Real Life
Feeling of Life Close Link Between Life
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