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Message from Jesus Christ toward Love

Message from Jesus Christ toward Love message the selfless Love


Message from Jesus Christ toward Love : my loved brothers and my loved sisters, why is it that every time I think of you I feel an infinite Love inside my heart?, why does this infinite Love shine inside my heart when we meet?, why is this Love that I feel bringing me to be truly myself and dedicate myself to your hearts with infinite tenderness?, because my Love is awaiting the sweet encounter to express itself directly to you.


This is my heart, this is your heart.


Brothers, in every condition it is possible to express yourselves as long as inside you it’s very clear that this Love is directed to your heart and is heard because it is Love.


You are all a heart and the language that the heart knows is Love.


If over time the experience you mature on earth can bring others to follow rationality, hardness, diffidence, fears, inside your heart you always remember that only Love is heard, you understand that Love brought about that contact, that direct expression, and is heard because it’s Love.


I know that sometimes the confirmation that your Love was heard seems to be missing, in the heart there is often a difficulty in responding at Love level, if the Love that is felt, as if directed to us, does not know freedom of expression, but in everybody’s heart it is heard, and change begins with listening.


This freedom in the heart is conquered when each one of you goes to the other person with the only intention of helping, the effort is not so much for yourselves, but for the other person, and this lights up listening to the other heart.


This Love only has interest in the other person.


And the heart reacts to this Love, thinking, reflecting upon itself, and change is the natural outcome.


Listening produces reflection, listening to yourself means making contact with yourselves deep inside and this evaluation creates the conditions for profound changes.


My sweet brothers, as you listen to my words you are also reflecting on your relations, on the contacts between you, on the ways you interact among you and you are reflecting in the recognition of the Love that pushes me to speak to you, putting inside you Love for yourselves.


The Love you hear coming from me is only there to put your heart in the condition to be heard more often by those brothers around you.


So, learning that in order to create change our Love must be turned to the other heart in a selfless way, means understanding that change is obtained from selfless Love, selfless Love because it’s turned to the other person with the only intent to help live a complete life.


Think that the joy in those whom you love, in those surrounding you, can exist if its life is complete, rich of vitality and of feeling; this condition, you all think of this condition, and you give your help thinking of this condition.


Naturally your Love will be selfless and it will produce change.


Why promote change?, can one tear bring change?, can shouting bring change?, can blackmail produce real change?, is it maybe placing distance that brings about change?, no, it’s this Love, interested in change for you, for the feelings that you feel, to eliminate your unease, to solve your problem with the person with whom the conflict exists; you know well that even if there is change, it’s not profound in that brother, and it tends to come up again exactly because it is superficial, it’s more the conflict that is being solved rather than the change, of course, sure, you make agreements, but they are not changes and imposing these agreements does not produce change.


On the contrary, if what pushes you is this condition of promoting a change for the exclusive benefit of the existence of the other person, then the selfless Love will be listened to profoundly by that heart and from thence starts the change that brings realization, full expression of himself in his own existence.


Change that produces Love is profound, it’s constant, and it’s real.


Think of all those words, all the feeling, the selfless Love that for a while now we have been pouring upon you, all the change it has created, changed your existence, freed your Love more and more, and it was listening, listening to this Love that comes to you for your benefit, replacing a concept of existence with the conquering of a life of realization of yourselves, of your own heart, to shine with Love.


And those brothers who are changing understand perfectly this message of Love I am dictating, having lived it with all of themselves, profoundly, over time.


Now reflect not only with your mind but especially with your heart, this is the sweet result of our commitment till today.


Effort that continues to conquer complete freedom, complete expression, freedom in every situation, freedom to be a full, complete expression of yourselves, of the Love that is in you.


And now I wrap you with my Love, a hug that includes everyone, each one of you, you are alive, an important part of my heart.


Your brother Jesus Christ, forever with you.


Message transmitted 14th November 2007


Message from Jesus Christ toward Love message the selfless Love


Message from Jesus Christ toward Love


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