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How to build a world of Love

How to build a world of Love toward a world of Love message from Jesus


How to build a world of Love : I have joy in my eyes, you are all here in front of me, connected in this precise moment as you hearts, reading my words, enter in contact with me, there is not a specific moment, not even the moment during the dictation where I am present and then absent in a subsequent moment; every moment that you read the words, I hear your call from your heart and I am with you, with those of you who are reading right this now, with those of you who will read this later, I will be, I am always.


There is so much joy in my heart, listening all the time and the sweet words produce in my heart the joy of the contact, the joy of being together, you and I; many moments, there are many of you who are connected in this precise moment and my joy is even greater, I feel so much consolation arising, I am really with you right now, and if you seek me with your eyes looking up, it’s inside the heart that you notice my presence, that emotion of Peace that right now embraces you is actually me, always with you inside your heart.


I would like to talk to you about how to build a world of Love.


Let’s start from this moment, the presence, my presence is an example of your own same possible presence in the world.


You see, our presence is invisible on earth and your brothers still need to touch a body, to hear a voice speak, they need that gesture, seeing your effort to believe in your heart, this is why your presence is precious, your heart expresses itself and communicates through your body and this is the example of the contact that you have with your own heart, your body, your behavior, the choice of your words, it highlights the heart that beats inside you.


What you are reading now are the words of the heart of your brother, who left his body a long time ago inside a sepulcher, and is now without that body, what you feel is my heart speaking to you, but even you are seeking me inside my body, in my expression of voice, in my gestures, what you have, what you have to help your brothers discover their own heart is the body that you have and that I no longer have.


The importance of a single gesture, when you take by the hand your heart that expresses itself, that hand is full of meaning, that hand sends what you hear inside the heart and that gesture has that meaning for the hand that is being taken. In this precious gesture there is ‘brothers’, ‘Love’, ‘consolation’, ‘help’, and so much meaning that you with are sending out your heart, and it is precious for those you are accompanying hand in hand.


Listen to your voice, so much emotion is sent, sweetness, effort, active listening, solutions, ideas, this is what your affection sends, you just need words pronounced with Love in order to be of help, your voice is precious.


Look at your precious eyes, when they concentrate they send the emotions of your heart, your smile sends emotions, your laughter sends emotions, being touched emotionally sends your emotions.


Did you ever think about that your whole body becomes precious when it comes to sending your heart to your brothers, the Love that beats inside you?


So much wonderful preciousness, don’t you think?


And while you walk, your eyes are upon your brothers, and your heart is always sending its feeling exactly as you move, sometimes it’s an instant, a meeting and your heart expresses itself and, always enriching the other person with your feeling, because inside each word you express lays your feeling in the act of expressing itself.


Your body is important through your actions, being in this world is always an occasion, every single gesture from you expresses your heart all around you, your passions express to the world, your projects express to the world, your being with others express to the world, and to all other people you are in contact with, this is the heart that they can feel express itself.


Your every gesture, your voice, every little thing you do, expresses to the world what you are inside your heart.


You just need to look inside you and your expression is right there, and what you send to your brother is yourself.


And everything for the body that you have.


Therefore your body is the expression of your Love to others.


Gain awareness of what I taught you today my brother, my sister, of my heart.


Awareness of transmitting yourself every moment exactly through your body.


This body that moves, this body that expresses your heart at all times.


This body, this is what allows the expression of the feeling inside you at all times.


Awareness of the expression of your body.


It’s time to regain this awareness, your every gesture is an expression of you, your every step is expression of you, everything you say is expression of you, your every effort is an expression of you, your every passion is an expression of you.


Your whole body is expression of yourself in the world.


With all my Love


Your Brother Jesus Christ


Message transmitted 19th November 2007


How to build a world of Love toward a world of Love message from Jesus


How to build a world of Love


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