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Communication through your body messages

Communication through your body messages to Humanity always Love


Communication through your body messages : with joy in my heart here I am with you, who are reading right now; in this message I would like to talk a little more about the body but especially about your voice; have you ever noticed how your emotions affect your voice?, at any one moment you may express irritation or happiness or availability; all this is inside your voice; on another moment you are deep in your thoughts and when you are called your voice communicates that your thought is far away from the present, on yet another moment, instead, when called you respond by moving and meeting up with the voice that is calling you; these are all emotions you are feeling which are expressed through your body, in your voice, at one time you are in contact with the other person and all of your attention is concentrated on your voice, and the following moment brings the voice of a brother whom you are listening to distractedly and in turn your voice expresses your distraction and this is again your emotion expressed through the body by means of your voice.


Now that you feel how important your voice is as an expression of the emotion you are feeling, you are moving toward the awareness of the importance that your entire body plays in the communication with other people about your heart.


Now you notice that communication through your body has meaning for your brothers who make contact with your heart.


So let’s continue, there are many examples I could give you, but you need to just listen, moment after moment, in order to notice the feeling you are expressing; the voice is the mirror of what you are expressing inside your heart and again as you listen you notice that often your feeling is not expressed in all its intensity, inside your heart you are probably noticing that your voice does not fully convey the intensity of emotions or passions if not in the minimal part.


Let me explain myself. Let’s suppose that in your heart there is a voice, a brother or a sister who is dear to you is calling you, now your feeling is expressed in your reply “I am coming!”, you express availability, of course, however the feeling that you actually have inside your heart is sweet availability toward the person who is dear to you, not just your simple availability; if you added a “dear” to your “I am coming”, then the communication will express from your heart the special affection that you have and that you feel; if I feel joy inside my heart as I speak to you, don’t you think that the expression to you of my joy would make you feel even more loved than the silence of my feeling?, even for you, just like it is for me, the biggest feeling that my heart can have is told from one heart to another heart that’s not feeling my emotions inside it and the outcome will be that my feelings communicated to him will warm up the heart of the person who is dear to me, producing Love inside his heart.


And now the voice is important to express voice but also to activate Love in the other heart and the body allows you to feel emotion and activate Love inside the other person.


Let’s continue, in certain moments, the light that shines inside you could be obscured by an annoyance, a discussion, something that a brother did, an irritation and many other negative feelings.


From our previous examples, this time in answer to a call your strong emotions will bring irritation, sometimes a lot of irritation, inside the tone of your answer; the person who is dear to you does not reply, they are registering your irritation, “is he upset with me?”, will be the immediate question from the other person, and before you know it this tension has completely affected your meeting; you were not upset with the loved person, but you breathe the tension at your meeting anyway, and inside your homes it often happens that tensions produced by others can turn into tensions between partners in a couple, you feel the need to release your disappointment over a child, or over a dish that was prepared, and this tension becomes conflict in the couple, the intention of the emotion was certainly not to create conflict with the loved person, but this situation of conflict sometimes is thus created, if there is no communication of the feelings for the loved one; let’s now suppose that to that original call you had answered in a different way, like “I am coming, dear!”, you would have expressed your feeling of affection, and that situation, set off from that question, would not have started.


The body is so important, the voice, the emotion expressed for peace.


This example carries with it another situation, in one moment there is conflict between the couple, two different thoughts about a certain thing, you are both afraid of making a mistake and your voice consequently tends to be more aggressive, it tends to conquer your truth by imposing itself upon the other and often this tone of voice triggers the exact same tone in the other person and so you start to argue, the conflict goes on without holding back, until finally these truths are confronted and an agreeing answer always arrives; you breathe the tension that the voice expresses and until that moment the tension produced is all you communicate to each other, not your thoughts.


Let’s add a sweet “dear” to the “I was thinking”, and suddenly there is no other tension building up, just exchanging your thoughts in tranquility, peace between you.


I have other thoughts to communicate to you, but today’s message stops here, listen very carefully to what is feeling is expressed through your voice, and pay attention as you express the intensity of the feeling that you have inside your own heart.


I am with all of you, with you individually, in the reflection and when communicating your affection.


For ever Jesus Christ


Message transmitted 22nd November 2007


Communication through your body messages to Humanity always Love


Communication through your body messages


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