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Awareness the full awareness message

Awareness the full awareness message of Love from the Sky


Awareness the full awareness message : my sweetest brothers, here I am once again next to you, at your side, to explain how it’s possible to have an existence with Love and Peace inside your heart as you live on earth; the lesson I prepared for you today, my sweet brother, my sweet sister, has as an objective your heart when placed next to this world, next to yourself, as you will reach full awareness of the feeling that you will begin to mobilize time after time.


Let’s proceed united, hand in hand, your heart hand in hand with my heart.


Listen to your feeling. Your eyes scan the letters and the letters form words and many words express feelings, like a feeling saying that you are holding hands, and this is how you hear me and my heart, through the words that express my feeling to you; you no longer feel alone, listen, our being hand in hand produced a feeling of unity between us, you read the words and together we proceed and inside this feeling every perplexity vanishes as it hears both my words and my sweet Love as it takes care of you, of your existence, to give you the possibility to help your heart; the need for an existence that recognizes your heart, life as an expression of your heart is what you are seeking and I am here with you, inside my heart is a great desire to help you; you listen to me and you feel as if my desire is just for you, for your sweet well being, for your sweet humanity that you are expressing.


You listen to the words and inside you there is a sweet tear, so many problems are around you in this humanity, and it’s exactly in the reclaiming of your humanity that all these problems over time will disappear; many people ask themselves “yes, but when?”, but time is your creation, through the contact with your humanity, you participate to this change; brothers, you have to put hope inside you, in your regaining of humanity, because time is inside you, and with it is also the possibility for a change of the relationships of the entire humanity, now we are united, together, and this is the time to regain your humanity, together we are spreading seeds to make all this possible.


Let’s continue with our reflection because only through reflection it is possible to achieve change.


Your day started with you taking care of yourself, you got up, washed, got dressed, you had breakfast and then you left and went to work, tended to the things that were awaiting you, you lived many situations; the world around you has always existed, but did you notice how many different ways there are to experience a beginning of the day?, the emotions inside your heart are crucial as you begin day; how was today?, sad because it is Monday and a week of work awaits you?, and if this week represented for you an opportunity to give your humanity a possibility to speak about your heart, what would you like it to express?, what would you like to transmit from your heart to allow your humanity to express itself to the world?


Write your proposal on a little piece of paper, this is the condition to help yourself to gain more awareness of your humanity, what sweet commitment do you want to experiment this week?, this sweet commitment soon will become a habit, will talk to the world about your heart, your humanity.


And that little piece of paper, my loved one, is the first step toward the expression of your sweet humanity.


The words are always important and in every communication you should always give the possibility to your heart to express the feeling of Love you have inside; “dear”, “darling”, “treasure”, “my love”, as sweet words will accompany your words, your expression, in the feeling communicated, the Love expresses itself and lights up Love in the other person.


This is the message, you know your feeling inside your heart, make it visible through a choice of the best words to express it.


No, making your feeling obvious is not a habit, it’s giving a voice to your feeling, to Love, how nice would it be if even those who are very close to you would express their feelings, wouldn’t it?, start with yourself, and the expression of the feelings inside your brothers around you will become natural; believe in yourself, be the first musical note and soon a sweet melody will begin to play, you are the first example, the first note, others will follow; “my dear”, “sweetness”, “darling” will echo more and more and become a lesson of Love to the heart who will listen to you.


This little sheet of paper with your words, your sweet commitment, from tomorrow morning will be a new way to take care of yourself, you will get up, wash, get dressed, have breakfast and now let’s take care of our own humanity, giving a voice to my feelings, to my heart, to my emotions and you will see your existence in the world through a smile.


Very well my loved one, I proceed with you, let’s show this heart to this world


With all of my Love


Your brother Jesus Christ


Message transmitted 26th November 2007


Awareness the full awareness message of Love from the Sky


Awareness the full awareness message


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