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The different evolution of brothers

The different evolution of brothers expression of Love
The different evolution of brothers : why is there a smile in the eyes of our Sara?, is it the happy smile of the Love that I am about to dictate, or on the contrary is it happiness at being surrounded by our dictated Love today?, these are emotions that our sweet Sara is feeling, happiness at our contact and sadness for the many situations of non-Love from other brothers; right now these are the most important emotions she is feeling, but they are the same emotions that many brothers are expressing right now.
With all of my heart, my brothers, I am here to help you so that the smile of happiness may shine in your eyes, maybe each one of you is waiting for the Paradise to surround you already on earth, and you meet situations like a smile, a possibility, they bring you to recognize it, but there are countless brothers and growth is not reached by all of them, and this is perhaps the only condition that brings you, brothers, to experience pain.
However, loved ones, this is the condition on earth in this precise moment, and if you are learning to be a shining heart, there are many people who are waiting, some wait for the right opportunity, like in the Love of a couple, or a job that produces serenity, or a sweet creature to be born, or the solution of all problems, to give themselves the opportunity to shine as a heart; they are waiting and they are watching and this observation in the eyes of everybody is a possibility to find the same Paradise on earth that you sometimes see for yourselves.
Here is the importance of your experiences, instead of waiting and watching for opportunities in the eyes of your brothers, you decided to live by putting your heart more and more into the light, moment after moment, and showing it under the light by sending your feelings to your brothers, your affections, both in your words, and in your gestures, in all of your actions and this is what creates the opportunity for those who choose to wait to experiment Paradise, which is possible to do already from earth.
So you transmit the “so it is possible”, possibility that you feel today, an opportunity for your brothers to feel tomorrow.
You learn from the heart that from every condition it is possible to have a feeling of Love, sometimes brief moments, in other situations they are longer moments, but you understand, my dear ones, the heart is the place where it is possible to make the choice, moment after moment; your heart is free to experiment every moment as an extremely important choice for yourselves.
Let’s start, my loved ones, to understand your messages of Love, understanding is listening, attention to your heart includes knowledge and self-questioning, “what am I feeling, and why?”, these are questions you ask your heart because for you the feeling is what you are transmitting and you want to transmit within purity, for example, the emotions of our own Sara at the beginning of the dictation highlight desire and sadness, Love and Love problems, but over the course of the dictation Sara Luce noticed the truth, the different evolution of her brothers and as she noticed this, she erased the sadness from her heart, she is shining, a little worried to hear me speak and send all of you my feeling, the words express my feeling, and she is still smiling but now it’s a sweet smile, amused and no longer sad; yes, in purity she is expressing the Love that she gives to make this dictation available to you.
This is how you are, that smile in purity, the pure Love that you are expressing when in the heart you understand the reason why the expression of Love is not as shining as your heart would like it to be.
My brothers, this message is to teach you that even between you, who chose to live the Love of your heart, so much purity can only shine if you erase from your heart, through reflection, the aspects of non-Love from those who are around all of you; your questioning yourselves is important because purity corresponds to transmitting purity, and it’s not the same if the feeling is laced with emotions of non Love or of pain for a person or for certain people, toward whom you would like to send the purity of your feeling.
Noticing your heart, questioning your feelings, noticing that for the other person the time has not yet come for the choice of expression of their own feeling in the purity of their heart, means to accept to be a teacher of Love as a sweet inspiration for that heart.
Don’t’ forget that sometimes the inspiration can represent that opportunity that the other person was just looking for; don’t' forget that to spread seeds means to allow the other person to reap from your teaching; don’t' forget that for you a priority is to express your heart to produce growth in you, regardless of the outcome on the other brother, and remember from your heart that next to you there is always our desire for growth for everybody.
Today this dictation highlights your investment, because the feeling is what you express time after time, and the feeling is the expression of your heart, of your sweet Soul that you lead through the experiences in your journey on earth; this same sweet Soul that in the Sky will remember the expression of itself during the life that has concluded, and while you live, your Soul registers all these moments to then think about them again once in Paradise, do you understand why Love, the expression of Love is so important while you are on earth?, this will be the treasure that will fill your heart time after time during your next existence in the Sky. And while we, with words, with all of our Love, seek to help you, my treasures, you are living this beautiful experience.
With the Love of the entire Sky.
Your brother Jesus Christ
Message transmitted 29th November 2007
The different evolution of brothers expression of Love
The different evolution of brothers
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