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Universal Love my Love for all my brothers

Universal Love my Love for all my brothers messages to humanity
Universal Love my Love for all my brothers : how sweet it is to be with you, my loved brothers and my loved sisters; in a few days Christmas will be here and most people are already busy choosing and making purchases, in their sweet thoughts there is only the desire to give a sign of their Love, for those of you who do not concentrate your expression of Love during the holidays, just at Christmas and various occasions, this Christmas can be an occasion to celebrate Love in all its manifestations; turn your nativity displays into an occasion to talk about Love, together with your relatives remember the Love you received from those who are now in the Sky, and many opportunities will become moments for you to remember and then express the sweet feeling you had inside your heart back when you were a child, or a young man or an adult, and you remind other hearts of the Love that they always receive from your heart, and there will always be opportunities, friends and acquaintances for you, sweet memories of friendships, of presence, and of help in times of need, and from your heart you share with them the precious feeling that you have inside you to remember these occasions.
Why not celebrate New Year’s eve by holding inside your heart all the progress you made over the years, you and your heart have understood moment after moment, experience after experience, your own selves, the heart of your other brothers, the reason why, the sense of life as a precious thing, an invaluable occasion to really get to know yourselves in your being Love in the world.
Here come the holidays, with all your heart you celebrate with those you love, there is no work commitment, but a commitment of your heart to bring to those around you the feeling that you are inside.
I know you are asking about the liturgical topic, about the memory of your brother here, who suddenly, with this physical eyes, looked at this world, and as he reminded the important message that I have been bringing, you remember the Love that became a man in order to be with you and help you raise your eyes to the Sky to be able to see our Father, you remember that in those eyes the only thing that was shining was Love.
This is the reason for my precious gift of my own life for you, to give each one of your hearts access to the Home of the Father, next to Him; this is what happened, this is what it is now, my Love for all my brothers, Love that knows about sacrifice, to give the Love of the Father with all of himself, the Love of the father that has been with us from that moment on, together, in Paradise.
These are the doors that I opened for you, for Love.
The love that now is speaking with you has been on earth, and you can only imagine how much happiness is in my heart at the memory of being among you, I brought Love to illuminate you and this journey has been full of lights that lit up; I know that in the past there were many moments of darkness, remembering the minds of those brothers that were talking to you to make fun of me, to reduce me to the status of impostor to the hearts of all of you, even though violence was inflicted on my body from some brothers, I never lost that light, my eyes were always shining of my Love because I was bringing my Love among you, my loved brothers and sisters.
Memories of the past of my Love among you, a past that still reminds me of the light that my heart brought to you, light of Love, brothers, this journey has sowed the seeds of the light that you have also reaped from my past and today my feeling is expressed through this contact with you, it’s not from earth, it’s from the Sky, from this wonderful Sky that the Father created to be with all of us.
And now listen to my feeling that brings you the light like it did back then, and my journey continues on, for me and for you, and in you; this feeling of universal Love is always with you to guide you, to be a stimulus for growth, this Love that is part of me but that also each one of you possesses inside your heart, a gift for each child of the Love of the Father.
As you celebrate it, as you celebrate Love, bring this feeling to the Love that reaps the fruit of so much passion dedicated to you, to make you the same as Himself.
Love, celebrate Love this year, my wish is that you bring your light, your light of Love to all of your brothers, like I brought it once upon a time, you are brothers who have chosen to bring the light of Love, may your path, your journey be illuminated by the stars, by lights, shining in the eyes of your brothers next to you.
With the eyes of Love I am always with you
Your brother Jesus Christ
Message transmitted 3rd December 2007
Universal Love my Love for all my brothers messages to humanity
Universal Love my Love for all my brothers
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