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Being a Spirit the natural expression of hearts

Being a Spirit the natural expression of hearts messages
Being a Spirit the natural expression of hearts : welcome to our meeting my brothers and sisters, there are many hearts here at this meeting, and if I feel that my sacrifice back then brought you to the side of life with the Father, then my heart fills with joy; Being with Him in the Love is wonderful, being with all brothers next to the father is wonderful, being guided by his example of Love is a constant experience for all of our hearts; now, we send on earth our Love for Him as an example.
My loved and sweet brothers and my loved and sweet sisters, the Paradise is another condition of existence, all our actions are directed to you, to send you our Love as an occasion for your hearts to be like us, transmitters of light of Love.
Of course, as you look around you it’s impossible to distinguish between people who are always using their hearts, but you just need a hug between two lives, to find a heart that sends Love; between you there are many such hearts, but it’s only possible to discern them in some occasions; occasions, moments, that are in front of you and that talk to you about the affection that was used from that heart, however in other moments it is extremely hard to notice the joy of that heart.
There are bodies that walk around in the world, and hidden inside those bodies is the heart, the wonderful Love that feeds your actions.
These are the brothers, they are all hearts contained in the body, they can all love.
In certain occasions here comes solidarity, the help, it comes natural to you, being a brother between brothers comes natural to you, bringing your Love to others comes natural to you, being your own Love comes natural to you; it’s this naturalness inside you that speaks to you of your being a Spirit.
But this happens because the feeling of Love in you is natural.
Like many other brothers, reason makes people regain this naturalness of your being, however, my brothers, being your natural selves is everybody’s destiny.
This is the most important difference in the life in the Love on our Sky, and the life in the Love on your earth.
In our Sky everyone is natural, they feel in the heart, they answer in their hearts, there are no special occasions here to be natural, being natural is our condition, daily, moment after moment, this is what differentiates the Sky, here we are all natural.
And so, is your own heart hindered from being its natural self?
Why do you use the opposite of naturalness?
Many situations continue to whisper to you, careful, be careful, that brother will think that, he will cheat you, diffidence, complete diffidence, and as soon as you turn your back he will say, he wants to have your belongings, careful, he will exploit you, he has other intentions, that brother, you need to question, and many the sentences that you utter in your mind and that stop the natural expression of your hearts.
In this message I expressed to you that for us being our own hearts is our natural expression, not only because our thoughts do not know these limitations, but especially because for us it’s obvious that every brother is a heart in movement.
For you, containers of these thoughts, thinking of yourselves as all hearts in movement is not always a concept that is present in you; think instead, what a nice impression it is to be a heart in movement among millions of hearts in movement; itsn’t it wonderful?, good, it’s the truth; think how nice it is to be able to communicate and think that those hearts are walking like you, they are carrying their Love with them, great, don’t you agree?, and you think of the freedom at seeing yourself as a brother among brothers, life would be so sweetly warm, do you agree?, but it’s the truth.
I have always told you in my messages that listening to your heart is the source of your freedom, because by listening to your heart you can understand the Love expressed by the other heart, and the answer from the naturalness of your heart will always answer from Love to Love.
Being natural is therefore possible even today on your earth, if you question your heart, it will be possible to understand the heart in front of you, and your answer will be the best, the most adequate, because you will answer from your Love to the Love of the other person.
The thin veil that separates us, as I am explaining to you, is exactly the use of the heart, natural for us, natural but conditioned for you my brothers.
My loved brothers, my loved sisters, you are listening to me and your mind turns to your heart “is it possible to always be able to be Love on earth?”, and your heart replies “it’s naturally possible for a heart, it is natural and possible to be Love also on earth”; these are words of truth.
I am hugging you with my Love
Forever at your side in the light of the Father
Your brother Jesus Christ
Message dictated 6th December 2007
Being a Spirit the natural expression of hearts messages from the Heaven
Being a Spirit the natural expression of hearts messages
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