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Journey of rediscovery of your Love messages

Journey of rediscovery of your Love messages from the Heaven words
Journey of rediscovery of your Love messages : loved brothers, loved sisters, once again today we are together, you and I, to learn to send your sweet Love to your brothers; we have come a long way, but we still have a long way ahead of us to make your heart completely free to express itself ; you understand that the progress you made so far had already taken place back in the Sky in contact with Love, which is inspiration for each one of us here in the Sky; while you are on earth now, very step you regain is the result of a moment of reflection that you make inside your heart; very well, many times you believe that in the Sky the existence of the Father, of the Love that you are experimenting, is really cemented inside all of you and you are ready for the journey on earth to experiment it again many times, because now the Love you conquered speaks of you, then, brothers, it’s your experience to return up here, happy to notice that the Love expressed represents your completely, however, unfortunately, many brothers’ experience that this sweet idea they had of themselves as being Love was not very well cemented at all, and all of a sudden the meaning of being brothers on Earth becomes clear, to truly recognize your being Love during your journey.
What you are experimenting, my brothers, is the Love inside yourselves and at all times this is the teaching of living on earth, discovering the Love mobilized by your heart.
So you see through every progress the success of your heart, what you have learned is truly cemented in yourselves.
Over time you remaster teaching after teaching, to experiment it in the heart, in the condition of life on earth, and this is how you conquer Love, you regain the Love that over here in the Sky is expressed by your heart.
So, let’s continue on the journey of rediscovery of your Love.
Brothers always come to you, out of necessity, to meet, for emotional needs, sometimes for health, for many problems with other brothers; listening to them equals listening to the voice of their heart at their moment of need. What a fantastic opportunity for your heart; listen to your Love as it listens, listen, it fills with emotions, and like a mirror it reflects emotions, what you are feeling is reflected inside the eyes, and those who are looking at you see in you the emotions that you are feeling; one moment and your brother continues to talk to you or stops speaking and as he looks at you he asks himself “is he listening to me?”, “am I boring him?”, “he must be really busy with things to do that stop him from listening to me?”, and even many other impressions that he sees reflected in your eyes.
First teaching my brothers, if there is freedom in the heart, then there is listening, and this nice opportunity becomes for you a moment to experiment and to be able to experiment your heart for the brother who turns to you in the contact.
Maximum honesty, if you feel your heart free, then experiment that contact, but if for various reasons at that moment there is no freedom in your heart, invite that brother to postpone the meeting with your heart.
Now you are free and you accept the contact with the other person, you start from these emotions that you feel and you sweetly communicate “your heart expresses sadness”, “your heart expresses happiness”, “your heart expresses perplexity and you are seeking an answer to important questions”, for every emotion you feel you speak of their heart.
This teaching is useful to that heart to recognize itself in its actions, that heart is the one who is speaking and that brother needs to feel that it’s his heart that is speaking to you through the emotions he is feeling and this is how the heart conquers its ground in the meeting.
Consequently, the heart will speak to you of its experience, of all the emotions that the heart is feeling and from that moment on, it will talk to you about itself.
The sweet listening will allow you to hear the authentic difficulty and this is a great success because it allows that heart to feel its real difficulty, and then focus on a solution for it.
And then there is you, with your experience, with what you have experienced many times, with the experiences that you are continuing to learn from your other brothers, and even in all this a solution can be found.
This is the important meeting because two hearts have met and experimented themselves reciprocally, the moment is important for you, listening, feeling the emotions, then communicating, placing attention on the heart, to listen, to feel your own emotions, you and your brother are communicating from the heart and you will hear every right word pronounced with naturalness.
Sweet brothers, it’s natural for us to be so simple, being only two hearts in contact, for you to conquer again this way of being with your brothers will be a progress, a new conquest of that feeling that is cemented inside you or that can be opportunity to cement this feeling, being simply two hearts in contact.
This is how our hearts have been simply in contact during this message, my loved brothers and my loved sisters, may you always be the same way with the your brothers’ hearts.
I love you with all my heart
Your brother Jesus Christ
Message dictated 10 December 2007
Journey of rediscovery of your Love messages from the Heaven words
Journey of rediscovery of your Love messages
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