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Opening of the heart seeing a brother

Opening of the heart seeing a brother inside a stranger brotherhood exists
Opening of the heart seeing a brother : smiling as always, sweet Sara?, the light you are transmitting is beautiful, you mobilize your heart and the sweet contact is established, here for you is your brother Jesus with all of my Love, with all of my joy, with all of myself for you; so today I would like to talk to you about the opening of the heart, of your feelings, of the feelings that allow a heart to open up; so let’s begin by talking about what happens inside you when you meet a stranger; brother, you feel it, for me he is a brother and this leads me to this meeting with happiness, help?, I could help him; does he need to be listened to?, I could listen to him; could he ask for information?, it will be happiness to guide him.
Today my brothers you feel my approach as an opening of my heart, seeing a stranger as a brother is a feeling of my heart, this is why I ask you if in your approach the feeling of seeing a brother inside a stranger is inside you.
I am waiting for an answer.
Is everybody a brother for you, or do you consider brothers only people you already know?, why?, you are all Souls inside a body, and it’s in the act of being a Soul that brotherhood exists; why can a contact be an opportunity for you to experiment the possession of the other person’s heart, but you can not consider first the heart in the other person?, in Paradise there is no separation between sweet Souls that are known, and those you may meet, everyone represents enrichment, everyone is a story, an experience, a nice heart expressing itself.
Just like you, these sweet Souls descended on earth to experiment themselves in their Love, when they ask you for help they just have a need, what need?, listen and then evaluate and your answer will reflect your evaluation of the need of the other person, in what you felt inside your heart as coming from the other heart; is it so complex then?, if you walk and you help a brother it will be joy for you to donate the Love in you to that brother; over the course of time so many experiences taught you about the joy you feel when you help, and I believe this is an experience for everybody to think back at how you expressed your Love, and there will be happiness inside you if your message, in the help, has been pure expression of your heart.
In this joy, do you feel the other person as your brother?, it was the experience of your Love to turn the person from a stranger to a brother, therefore the experience teaches you in the heart that being a “brother” is not a characteristic of the other person, but of your way of expressing your sweet Love.
Being among you, being among strangers or being among brothers, is an experience of your heart.
Reflect sweetly, your world is an expression of the feeling that you feel for the world around you, what surrounds you is a projection of your feeling, it’s an expression of yourselves expanded to the entire world.
So let’s continue, that brother is a projection of yourselves, so it’s you who determines if he is a stranger or if he is a brother.
For me, always aware that in every body there is Love, for me, my dear ones, he is always a brother, I could discover the Love inside him or not, but it’s always inside him.
I can look into his eyes, I can look his gait and the manner with which he speaks to me, but it’s me who knows that a heart has always been there to speak for him, since always.
And now let’s continue with our meeting.
This heart has asked for help, what does my heart feel?, availability, or non availability?, why is it difficult to find a few seconds for someone at times?, you are experimenting every moment of your lives, and every second is a moment, do you think that a few seconds is too short to experiment?, in one second you have the opportunity to give Love and therefore to feel, feel yourselves and feel in the heart; this precious second that speaks of you, a very precious second, a second that speaks of you who came to earth precisely to experiment yourselves, a second that fills your heart with emotions, a second that produces happiness, a second that cements in you your perception of living, of being, in a world of brothers.
Let’s continue, that second is your conquest, you listened with your heart, reminding yourselves that you are a heart; wonderful, don’t you think?, all that in just one second.
Now your interceding will be completely different, the experience of a second was cemented, this is life, the succession of seconds in which to experiment yourselves; life is not in the important gestures, in the future, in the progress you accumulated over time, progress as an overall impression; every progress takes place in the second, every instant where you experiment yourselves, your attention is on you, your attention is on the second and even if tomorrow is coming, your experimentation is in every moment, your presence inside your own Love, now it’s your life.
So reflect, your entire lives are made up of seconds after seconds.
Life is an opportunity inside every second to express yourselves as Love and an opportunity that is cementing being a brother among brothers.
To conclude, my loved ones, reflect inside your heart, is my approach so different from yours?
With all of my great Love
Your brother Jesus Christ
Message dictated 13th December 2007
Opening of the heart seeing a brother inside a stranger brotherhood exists message from the Heaven
Opening of the heart seeing a brother
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