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Being Love experience of experimenting

Being Love experience of experimenting your own Love now on earth
Being Love experience of experimenting : here I am, now I am with you, dictated words, words heard and written down, words being read, words that express my feeling to those brothers who are awaiting the contact, inside my heart my contact with you is always present, because my Love for you is always present; let’s continue the topic of the experience of experimenting your own Love that is taking place right now on earth.
If a sweet feeling is expressing inside you, don’t you think that this is the feeling that is talking about you?, of course, sometimes emotions are intense and it’s easy to experiment them with all of your heart, but there are countless emotions inside the heart of all of you that are only waiting to be noticed, for example, even in the following simple gesture Love can express itself, for you it’s natural to ask for forgiveness when you hurt a brother, often it’s a distraction, but the brother you are apologizing to will make it an experience from your heart, in the contact with that unsolicited pain, in the contact with your being distracted that did not lead you to recognizing the other brother as existing, and the Love inside the sweet smile with which you apologize places his heart in relation to you as a heart, that heart suffered in the contact, your heart is uneasy, in the suffering, because you caused pain to the other heart, even if you did not mean to.
This was the feeling during those few moments of contact, it’s this heart that talks about you, do you notice how the feeling recognizes a brother in the other person?.
Do you notice how Love contains inside the recognition of the other person as a heart?, do you notice how natural it is to express your being Love in the contact with the other?.
This is because you are like a heart, you are a heart that is expressing itself and your emotions manifest your being a heart both inside and outside of yourselves.
Do you notice how much information about you makes up the feeling in all its manifestations, and makes it the central point of your knowledge of the Love inside you?.
Inside the heart, inside the action of feeling the emotion within your heart, that is where the knowledge of you is.
As you can see the heart is the center of this experimentation, which makes up your life; and through listening comes your knowledge of yourself, in the emotions is the knowledge of yourself, in the emotions is knowledge of yourself as being a heart, do you feel your heart beat so fast?, it’s the emotion, so important for you as a knowledge of what you are.
You are reflected in every emotion, in every emotion your heart is right there, speaking, emotion that unveils the heart to you, emotion that expresses itself to others while speaking of your heart.
You feel emotions, you feel that heart.
Emotions, emotions are always inside you, from sadness to joy, it’s the heart speaking to you and when you are happy it tells you about joy, your satisfaction, your fruitful effort, recognition of you as you build, and Love in the joy is fulfilled, and in the sadness lies your unrecognized effort, your unrecognized Love, your unrecognized actions, this is the sadness, a heart that does not feel recognized, this is sadness, when in the heart the sweet Love awaits words coming from others, words about itself, about its Love mobilized, about its own Love expressed to others, words that are not transmitted.
Your hearts in front of your eyes, I would like to dictate words for you, my children, my loved children, inside my heart is a great desire to help you, your brothers today are quiet, they do not feel your need to hear words that recognize your wonderful Love, for me it’s so obvious, this is your constant Love, in every thing that you do, I see your light turning on and bringing Love, I know, your fragility pushes you to seek confirmation of this from others, but listen with me to this heart, feel with me every sweet time that your beauty makes you do something for others, every courtesy, every necessary effort, it’s your beauty that illuminates your actions; come on, come with me into your heart and look at the life that you built, in every bond there is the beauty of your heart, the countless moments you have donated were your beauty that expressed itself.
You have been a wonderful heart my children, even today, with emotions of sadness inside your heart, today, you have been wonderful.
Today your Father is here to console you and to remind you of the many moments where your Love has learned from donating, and in you is the recognition of your beauty and now, as I remind you of this, I put words inside you, it’s your recall of your wonderful heart, here, it’s still the same heart, in sadness and in happiness, your great heart, your wonderful heart that you are experimenting.
Goodbye my children, we look at your Love inside you, so much light in these hearts, the heart of my children shines with Love, come closer, let’s look at this wonder.
The Father with you, my children,
And a sweet goodbye from you,
Your brother Jesus Christ
Message dictated 17th December 2007
Being Love experience of experimenting your own Love now on earth
Being Love experience of experimenting
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