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Merry Christmas to all of you Heaven speak

Merry Christmas to all of you Heaven speak to wish a happy Christmas
Merry Christmas to all of you Heaven speak : my loved children, today it’s your Mother who first of all will speak to wish you a happy Christmas, my children; may my Love illuminate, house by house, all of your hearts, may the light of my Love accompany you happily through all of these festivities, may my heart thank you to have chosen to carry Love all around you; now we think of the holidays, but in the heart you know that many brothers will spend these days at war, or hungry, in desperation, in solitude, even for them, a gift with your heart, energy of Love that you send upon the whole planet, your Love can do this, your thought of Love with all of your heart that expands and reaches the entire earth and the thought of Love is heard by every heart and that thought will bring your Love to every child, to invite him to pray with you, o bring great comfort to that heart in need; a though of Love is what you send to your brothers upon the whole earth and I will be happy to be next to you and my thought of Love will go on, embraced to your thought, so the joy of my children thus helped by their brothers will be in the heart of your Mother.
For my children who are suffering you are there, your Love, and for many also your effort.
Before I say goodbye I would like to hug you really tight, may our thought comfort and put hope into those suffering hearts, may the Peace and Love reach all hearts, may all my Love always be present in your hearts.
I sweetly say goodbye, my loved children,
The Virgin Mary your Mother
When the heart fills up with stars you begin to count them, every star one of your brothers, who is crying or laughing, every star is a brother who cries or consoles, every star is a brother who has problems or a brother who is helping.
While you count, what impression do you have of this Sky, more suffering or more help, more crying or more laughter, more problems or more helpers?.
You are these starts, all your problems are there, all your resources are there, concentrate on your heart and feel the resources that you have available, the help of others, your help to yourselves, your help for others, your being a consolation; like starts of the firmament, each one of you is all of this, erase the solitude from your heart, we are always here to love you, to help you, to allow Love inside you; today help and tomorrow joy, life is made up of many moments, but our presence is all the time for you.
And on the subject of the Sky, life goes on in this Sky and every star is Love from your loved ones who descend with us to help you, if you could see what the Sky is like, a brilliant light because inside the hearts the light is persistent, the Love felt here is felt for you, constantly, and in our Sky the help of Love is constantly toward you; now those who went to the Sky have an important role, placing all their Love upon you, this is the Sky, constant Love upon you, this is existence, constant Love among brothers.
Now I am embraced to your loved ones because the existence continues over here with me, in my arms, and time will eventually see you too in my arms, however today my children, the Father from the Sky will be Love for each one of this children, Love that exists but exists in the Sky.
Your Father, wishing you a happy Christmas.
Brothers, my loved brothers and my loved sisters, a sweet wish for this Christmas, may your Love be there for everybody this Christmas, may it be for you a sweet wish of Being at Christmas, and every day after Christmas; may your Love be a vehicle of expression of your heart, may it make people around your heart happy, may your heart bring Love in your world and help your brothers with their lives, may your heart bring itself to the world.
This is my wish, the heart of each one of you available to the world.
Merry Christmas my brothers, my heart is with your brothers in the world.
And once again Merry Christmas from all Guardian Angels, may our effort help you moment after moment to be the infinite Love that beats inside you, from the Angels to earth, may our Love give back to the Father hearts that sparkle with rays of Love, and may our Love help you always be In the Love.
Joy and Peace to all of you loved and protected on earth.
Message dictated 20th December 2007
Merry Christmas to all of you Heaven speak to wish a happy Christmas
Merry Christmas to all of you Heaven speak
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