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Understanding and forgiving Message

Understanding and forgiving Message to understand the reason why
Understanding and forgiving Message : my loved brothers and my loved sisters, let’s begin this new year with a message titled “understanding and forgiving” so this new beginning may represent true change; there is a need to understand the reason why, there is always a need to understand why; there are many brothers who end up hurting other hearts through their choices and there are many reasons why that Love is being relegated to the side, and an experience of pain is offered to others instead.
Often these hearts no longer suffer from events from the past, they are healthy hearts, so to speak, but they are unheard hearts.
Love is indeed inside them, of course, since always, but their feeling is not heard, they go on in their life searching for things of which they can be proud, possession of things that not everyone can own, this pride that looks at others as being inferior, it’s in the flow of these hearts through life and this feeling is the only one that seems capable of producing joy, so, how can one feel respect for others if in his own heart he feels an emotion of happiness only when stepping over others?
This pain that is looking at others is a pain for an existence that does not find a purpose in itself and in the contact with other hearts it would like to erase feelings from other people and people who suffer from this know this well, they know that it’s their own feeling that is being attacked, and the very feeling that is being attacked mobilizes to bring even more feeling, as if feeling is exactly what their hearts actually needs.
This happens often, my brothers, and as you review my dictation of these events, you notice that the Love that mobilizes inside you, the feeling you intensify as you send it to that heart, becomes a challenge and not a sweet help for that heart, however being able to understand that in reality this is the real challenge can allow all of you to protect the beauty of your feelings, forgiving the unawareness of that heart.
Many hearts suffer due to the unawareness of other hearts’ feelings, but accepting the challenge produces constant pain and often it leads to violence when the challenge becomes a fight.
And the feeling can win neither the challenge nor the fight, because the feeling is the opposite of non-Love.
Given the chance to go back, many people would never accept the violence and not even the challenge that brought so much pain, but the point is not so much in erasing that experience, which makes it easier to reclaim your life, but understanding the reason behind it; your feeling has been attacked, it feels weakened, it feels inadequate, it feels unworthy of Love, this is why the new year needs to begin with forgiveness, to reclaim your dignity.
Understanding and forgiving message, forgiveness is an important step, necessary to the feeling inside you, forgive the many hearts that wander in the dark of unawareness like blind people, scattering pain on their way, label that unawareness the origin of that pain and this origin is inside the other heart, not yours.
For many of you life is long, and unawareness has many opportunities to show itself to those hearts, only time and many disappointments will bring reflection, and then possible change inside those hearts, they will abandon the challenge but only when the pain they will feel will be so intense as to truly wish for life, and feelings are the guarantee of feeling of life for a heart.
Brothers will continue with their ways, forgive them and continue toward the expression of your feeling to those who will care about the feeling inside you.
You ask many questions to the Sky, the most common one is “are there hearts on earth that are able to express themselves?, if so, where are they?”
Brothers, they are there with you, it’s easy to recognize them, if you listen to their hearts expressing themselves you will know if they care about other’s feelings, or if they are ready to start a challenge with everyone’s feelings; you just need to listen to the Love from your own Love and don’t ever accept challenges, they will always and only bring pain.
Until now I spoke of specific events, however you can expand my discussion by including all those situations of suffering, the origin is the same, the origin is inside the other person, the feeling that is not an essential part of the life that the heart is leading.
For those of you who place Love in the first place, it’s necessary to forgive, necessary for you so that growth may continue, and your feeling may shine even more.
The meaning of existence on earth is inside the heart; in the feeling of Love that you will succeed in expressing, even far away from us, your joy and your realization; feeling, this is what is at play on earth, when you will be able to love even on earth, and by the way this is the question that the heart will ask itself the moment you will be getting ready to return to the real Home, which is the Sky; you acquire a lot of experience on earth, the meaning is in its utilization.
I say goodbye with all my Love
From the Sky your brother Jesus Christ
Understanding and forgiving Message to understand the reason why was the Message dictated 3rd January 2008
Understanding and forgiving Message to understand the reason why
Understanding and forgiving Message
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