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Love The other side of Love

Love The other side of Love when the feeling is missing message
Love The other side of Love : my loved brothers and my sweetest sisters, if you have not forgiven, a new year opens up in the name of change, so today let’s continue to talk about Love, in particular the meaning of “the other side of Love”; it means that when the feeling is missing, the consequence upon that heart is not wanting to listen to its own feeling; this is to explain to you how it’s possible that certain death crimes can be possible from a heart that has always contained Love.
I know, there are countless inexplicable events to you because you know that inside every heart there is Love; how is it possible to kill not only a creature but every human being?, how is it possible to exploit human beings of any race and color?, how is aggression allowed to rob, rape a human being?, how is it possible to bring inside your family violence on your loved ones?
Here are some questions that you have inside your hearts and that this message wishes to answer for you today.
First of all, Love beats inside the heart of everyone, a gift of the Father for each one of his creatures at the moment of the creation of each one of you.
Through this gift he made us similar to Him in the Love, and this similarity is a condition of our immortality, we are only the present, today and in every location we are only the present.
Immortality is a condition that many brothers peg upon their Faith, if you believe you will know that there is a scripture about your immortality, but if you are not a believer, what meaning can your immortality give you?, this is the concept, each one of you, whether you profess a creed or whether you are searching the possible truth, in the contact with many experiences of research, messages, testimonials, contact with your own loved ones and many other manifestations, begins to think that there is life in the immortality, and your heart begins to feel the life inside your body, like a moment in your overall life, arriving from the sky, now on earth to then return to the Sky; this alternating comes from immortality, in the Sky, on earth, it’s the same, and you begin to think that this origin from the Sky has Love at its source, he will be able to bring the same Love on earth from which we are all made of, and he begins to think that being on earth is like being on a test for our Love; loving while next to the Father is easy, but it’s very difficult on earth because even the physical body stops the perception of every energy that presents itself as Spirit.
But thanks to your heart you can feel, your attention is free to focus on that heart, and you feel the emotion and you feel the Love guiding you, manifestations of Love that produce Love inside you, and the manifestations of Love you feel produce Love inside others, this is an emotion of Love, that reminds all of you that you are Spirit, you are immortal, you are creatures of Love.
A condition that is so clear when you love.
Let’s go back to those brothers who gave up the search, all of you remember the famous questions, “who am I, where do I come from, where am I going”, every heart asks itself these questions in every place on earth, because the heart is programmed to ask itself these questions at all times in their present lives and while you ask yourselves these questions, the feeling of Love activates inside the heart, if you think back to that moment, there was hope inside you at that time, and even joy in the hope for truth, and that feeling came from the Love that pushed you on your journey to seek the truth.
Many of you subscribed to the various truths of the various creeds, for others it was their own search, but for many, many brothers, listening to those famous questions is what brought them to not consider their feelings, thinking mistakenly that life was simply the present that hey were living on earth, and this brought them, my dear ones, to not taking advice from their own feelings.
Earth, life, what are they if you remove feelings?
Objects, many objects, belonging to the visible reality, objects that can alleviate the emptiness in your emotions; possession, conquest, power, accumulation, objects and nothing more than objects, even people surrounding us are seen as an object and like other objects they promote success, conquer, power, to then throw them away when the object is no longer able to compensate for the emptiness of emotions.
I wanted to explain it to you as it is, to make clear to your eyes that these tragedies do not come from hearts that listen to their own feelings, but from hearts that chose not to listen to themselves by transforming this world into a world of objects; destruction is possible because in a world of objects the feeling does not produce recognition of others as being similar to me, it does not produce union, it does not produce togetherness, just separation from this world of objects.
Come on brothers, seek the meaning in the Love and your every action will bring meaning of life to the eyes of all your brothers, every heart is always waiting for a stimulation to change, and your meaning of life will bring truth to the hearts of all your brothers.
With Love
Your brother Jesus Christ
Message dictated 7th January 2008
Love The other side of Love when the feeling is missing message
Love The other side of Love
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