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Growth of experience of a Soul

Growth of experience of a Soul illness pain Love messages God the Father
Growth of experience of a Soul : my precious children, today your Father would like to talk to all of you again on the subject of Love, I would like to clarify our intervention among you, my sweet creatures occupying this planet earth with your physical body; the subject I want to talk about today is important; you are all my children inside a physical body, a body created by your parents to give you possibility of life in your experience far away from the Sky; I choose the Soul that will occupy that body, based on the needs for life among you to ensure the growth of experience of that Soul; this is my effort, choosing among the important conditions that life can present, the one Soul who more than others will likely treasure life under those conditions; this is important to know; the conditions in which you were born, each one of you, are the most important conditions for the growth of your Soul; it’s clear that I don’t only mean what is offered to you from these children of mine whom you will call parents, but from the entire context, from the place of birth to everything that surrounds you, like the culture and the moment in history; you are all in the exactly the right place to grow, and while we talk we see the world as full of problems, but the act of existing for you is not to ponder on the place in which you are, but think of yourselves as being far away from this same place that inside thinks about your growth; think about what I just told you, you are all in the most suitable place for your own growth.
Let’s go back to my other topic, when the body is created, like science explains to you, the parents carry within them certain characteristics that, combined together, form the characteristics of that body, from the color of the eyes, to the various pathologies that may cause for that body to become ill.
This possibility to become ill is written within that body, many agents can bring illness, but inside the body is written what the defense mechanisms are, therefore illnesses and defenses are all written in the body’s DNA.
You all feel so much pain when ill, and even if inside the body was written “illness”, you await from us, with a sigh, for some relief, or sometimes to completely erase the illness from your bodies; I won’t say that with my intervention I would not be able to do it, but only when your growth is at stakes, and by that I don’t mean your age, but the growth for that sweet Spirit, for whom that illness is an impediment to the body.
Many of my children express anger toward me when their creatures are bedridden in hospital, I tell you “if there is an obstacle to their growth, there will be healing, but if despite the conditions that can seem far away to you from “growth” that Soul is indeed experimenting Love through the help, I will be next to you with my Love to sustain you and to help each one of you grow through this experience”.
Remember, you are eternity and certain experiences, even through great pain, are crucial for the growth of each one of my children, the pain is not important, but the experience of Love that every Soul carries out even through an experience of suffering.
With this attention I look at each one of you, your growth is important in my eyes, the experience of Love in this condition, just like in every condition, is what my eyes look at, your growth is what is inside my heart, and it’s for your growth, very important for you first of all, that your Father places all of his effort next to you.
Until now I spoke of illness, but there is another topic I would like to touch upon; the request from your brothers who are sensitive to Love, and by that I mean the requests that you ask me to shake up your brothers, open up their minds and place thoughts of Love and especially to appear in front of them and give them confirmation of my presence to give that heart a testimonial that their existence is important inside their heart.
My loved ones, these requests will never be honored because your Father loves you beyond everything; when you are here next to me my example is what guides you, my sweet Love is a stimulus for all your hearts, and over here you all take example from my Love, in the present you learn from Love and again in the present you will be able to live in the feeling the great importance of the heart that life represents; during your passage to earth, like I told you a long time ago, you asked for complete freedom to be yourselves and this freedom is what I donated to you and I will always respect it; Love is first of all respect and I will always respect you because I love you with all my great heart.
Do you think that your successes will be for eternity?, the successes of the heart, for sure, every experience of the heart speaks to you about yourselves and every success, just like every failure, speaks to you of what you are, of a heart mobilized in the Love and conquered in the experience of Love, like every failure speaks of you, of how necessary your growth still is.
In the eternal present is your experience, conquering growth through the experience and often the mistakes represent a turning point in the concept of yourselves and I am not afraid of being wrong when I address all of you to ask you “isn’t it true that since you have been on earth, for many of you it was exactly the mistakes that represented turning points?”, and this is a limited experience when compared to your eternity, but as you reflect, each one of you had attributed to your mistakes a turning point.
Again in this limited reality of your experience on earth, were you happy with the changes that your mistakes generates?, of course, most of you are, because your growth felt a sweet rebirth and the heart is even more mobilized to feel life even more inside itself.
My sweet children, how much I have talked! In the eternal present there are no clocks, only expression of Love.
My loved ones, you have learned that your Father has your growth at heart, and that my help will always be directed in every direction necessary to your growth, therefore, embrace even in your eyes your life in the eternal present like a succession of many experiences that all together form your growth; life is an important moment but it’s one of many moments, life is an opportunity to grow for a child in their successes and in their mistakes, and this is the reason why, when we answer your prayers for intervention toward other children, I will say “wait, we are helping them, the day they will learn of their mistakes it will become a turning point, and then the sweet growth will continue and this will be forever”.
I embrace you with all my Love
Your Father in the eternal present
Message dictated 10th January 2008
Growth of experience of a Soul illness pain Love messages God the Father
Growth of experience of a Soul
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